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Fumen wrote:

EVE's basic module production is mostly non-existent because of the same issue here: You can farm the items off of the NPCs. Why produce them when you can loot them? I already recycle 99% of the drops I get unless there's a buy advert for more than the value I can currently recycle at. (As a side note: pretty much all t2 in EVE requires those base t1 items to produce except ammo.)

Was going to write a long response to this, but since it became a suggestion, I'll make a new thread, but suffice to say, I fully understand eve's manufacturing system as I've built everything from shuttles to motherships, and T1 to T3. And I completely agree that the loot system needs a drastic change to save the manufacturing/mining career.

DEV Zoom wrote:

Yes, it's the request that counts, the single copying process. Meaning patent wear is the same for requesting 1, 2, 3, whatever licenses at a time, with a few percent of added randomness. So it really pays out to upgrade the number of licenses (to a certain extent of course).

Confirming my 500 run indy bot patent uses almost the exact same ammount as 1 run. I have to say, I love this system. Best manufacturing/crafting system I've seen in any MMO so far.

Now if only it was bug free. big_smile


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So who's going to put the first obvious as hell scam (give "xxx" receive x10 back) in jita... err... I mean help chat? tongue


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Personnaly I worry that if more "named" items are added, or they are improved, it will make manufacturing the standard items obsolete, for refference I point to Eve Online's T1 module market, it's dead as a doornail thanks to "named" items and Tech 2 items. I really don't want to see that happen here. If you could manufacture these "named" items on the other hand, you could add as many as you like without making industry worthless for anything other than making bots and ammo.

This is getting out of hand now, I'm fairly certain this is being abused now by many people beyond the purpose of testing it. Everytime it's used the server lags/rubberbands a bit more, untill it no longer responds. I would suggest kicking/banning those using it now until it can be fixed, it can't really be tested any further than it has already. And those using it now are causing the server to die.

Can also confirm this, we did a fair ammount of exploiting... err... testing last night. big_smile Works with Lasers + Missiles, but not autocannons. It also seems to cause severe server lag when done multiple times, and not just locally, but globaly. Seems it causes some errors the server can't deal with en mass. It may have even been responsible for a server crash last night.


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It's possible to get far more than 33 runs out of it with considerable research into #of pattents requestable at a time. However it's still above npc price.


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Think I see what your not getting here, Patents are the blue document items, licenses are the brown documents. The "1" your seeing on the engineering tab next to licenses is "NOT" the number of licenses you have. But rather the number you can "request". And can be upgraded. The button at the bottom actually gives you a license, which again shows up as a brown document item in your inventory.

Now as Zoom stated, right now research/licenses don't work whatsoever. You always get stuck on 0.00

EDIT: Since the last patch, research/license requests now work fine, sadly now manufacturing is completely broken. tongue Still it's getting somewhere.