Maynard Benaui wrote:

Giving out free bots or EP is for testing purposes, not fun.

Then by all means go ahead. Just don't expect more than a handful of people online during it. As my memory recalls, by the end of the last event there were around 10 people online at peak hours.


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Going to agree to whomever said it was a bad idea in general chat about idea #1. I absolutely hate those absurd and impractical mech designs them crazy Asians came up with. It's fine for a Saturday morning kids cartoon like power rangers, I'd just hate to see that in this game, or any game for that matter. That's my two cents on it.

As for idea #2. You can name your bots as Cestus said. However nobody else can see the name currently.

Fiben Bolger wrote:

There is no synergy between the mining missions and the mining mechanics.  Making mining more like exploration is an improvement over that other game.

The tutorial shows you how to do it.

Then you run a million repeatable missions where they tell you exactly where to look.

This wasn't thought out, at the very least.

Just make people look for the deposits.

While I agree that would be more practical. You still have the issue down the road of doing a level 1 mining mission, having to travel 6 kilometers to find the ore and getting 6k NIC as a reward, because the mission is only a level 1. And yes, that "WILL" happen 6 months to a year after launch. We won't have the devs reseting all the ore deposits monthly like we have had in beta.


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Neoxx wrote:

You can easily get your supply of Espitium from alpha loot recycling.  I did that for a long time when living in alpha just because some of the items that didnt really sell had a lot of espitium in them.

Alligior is another story, though.  Since only higher tier items and bots have this, its much harder to come by.  Seeing as this is the component used for mechs and up, I would be impressed if you could get a decent amount of alligior from alpha island pve.

I think you missed the fact that they changed the system. You can no longer recycle for tons of espitium and alligor like we used to do. You can still get some, but it now requires dedicated extensions and you only get a tiny fraction of what you used to get. It was a smart change, because I too remember farming kains for universal plates and getting tons of alligor without ever even mining. In fact, it was faster than mining it, substantially.


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Vorgrim Scout wrote:

Too many tiers of bots are in safe areas. I've been playing for nearly 2 weeks or so and am nowhere near calling Alpha island PvE trivial. I can farm in a few hours what people are charging for t1 mechs.

The probelm will come when people realise after they have researched the things they need, they can farm whatever materials needed to sustain themselves on Alpha islands, only making forays into beta to prey on farmers or grab an outpost.

Look at the materials for a Gropho for instance. I have all of those materials in my private storage and haven't killed a single beta island mob. Not to mention people will eventually just sell them on the market, all whilst never having to leave Alpha island security. A recipe for a dead pvp game.

You want PvP in your game, make people go out there to farm materials for anything higher tier than an assault or tier 2 tech. Not just the kernals to research.

There is a glaring flaw in what you said however. There is absolutely no way you have all the materials for a gropho, unless you went to pvp. Epriton/Alligor/Espitium are all pvp-only. So either you, or someone you bought it from, got in on beta islands. I do however agree that more things need to be pvp island only. I'm just not sure which things.


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Maynard Benaui wrote:
Vorgrim Scout wrote:

You want PvP in your game, make people go out there to farm materials for anything higher tier than an assault or tier 2 tech. Not just the kernals to research.

Unless you start paying your players, there is no way making them doing something.

Sure you can, you just design something to be required. Want to make people pvp? Make it so player's accounts delete themselves unless you pvp daily. Is it practical? No. Is it intelligent? Hell no. But it's proof you can force players to do something.


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The translation is difficult to decipher. But I'll give a broad spectrum answer.

The shield radius determines the shield strength. If a 3m shield is used on a bot with a 6m size, then the shield is 50% effective. Likewise, if a 10m shield is used on a 5m bot, then the strength is 200%.

Is summary, any size can fit on any bot, but the shield size compared to bot size determines the power of the shield.

I would say industry/market is the most solo friendly venture. (At least compared to the other options.) The new system makes it so any Joe-blow can get into it rather quickly. And with the new npc A.I. you really need a group to do ratting "properly" now.

Edit: Clarification.

I admit that I actually promoted this for the end of closed beta, and I got my wish. I also have to note that even I got bored of the repetitive fights after a day or two, and came to regret my own request.

I'm just throwing that out there for those wanting this. I'm fine either way, and likely would participate in it for several hours, get bored, and log off till launch.


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May want to mention that Neoxx is joking. We are still recruiting.

And thank god our main recruiter is back. So I can take a much needed break.


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Your inevitably going to have macro miners/ratters. That's just a fact of any mmo. No one likes them, but they won't be going away. Fortunately, there will be only a few of them before the game gets popular, and trial accounts come into existence. Then they will be around in bulk.

Far more likely to see macro ratters than macro miners currently. I've seen both already. I'll admit an old corpmember already made a macro ratter for drones. It worked fairly well. I do not condone these, but it was interesting to see, he was pulling in major NIC with it daily, using nothing but a Prometheus.

Surprised Siddy hasn't entered this yet. He's actually a damn good artist. Sadly I don't have a lick of artistic talent. sad


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McBlood wrote:

OK, thnx guys... for what it's worth, when I kept trying to log back into the Perpetuum server I would get a little pop-up saying 'resource file not found' or something like that. Anyways, I'll chalk the loss up to one big glitch and keep grinding away...

No no, there is no problem with you getting it back "now" as this is beta. We only mean after launch.


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The ictus isn't "sucky". The bot itself is fantastic. The changes that were made to neuts/drains are what is sucky. (Not the bot bonuses, I'm referring to dispersion.)


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I'm with styx on this. No reimbursement except for provable server errors. (Whole server dies, etc.) And proven exploits. I know how much it sucks to lose a bot to a crash, I've lost around 20 due to them over the past year, but it's too easily exploitable.


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Demon wrote:
Immortal wrote:

So this is the M2S that everyone talks about in fear in general chat. Do you guys live on the pvp islands or one of the pve islands.

Could you suck up to these guys any harder? Guess you're hoping this will make them let you in. Good luck on the bandwagon.

Was there someone particularly close to you that perished during one of our military actions? You have my condolences. cool

I would love to have seen that termis battle. I did hear about it, but it's only rumor thus far. sad

Another possible fix would be instanced ore deposits. Now hang on and let me explain. I don't mean an instanced area or zone. I mean a spot that instances ore for the mission runner ONLY. and only enough to complete that mission and nothing more. Noone else can scan for that same ore, or mine it. This would at least be a sort of quick fix for now. (Well quicker than redoing the system anyway.)

Just a possible alternative.

Incarnyte wrote:

What is wrong with you people lol?  Is this not the "feature discussion and report" forum.  Trust me i completely understand how this system works.  I know it is a matter or time to generate more EP.  I understand creating a beginner character and giving him the basics will give you a "feel" for what its like, but you still wouldnt be able to use him to any effect.  I have no idea why you brought up the WOW thing as i dont even play that game.  If anything id be referring to Asherons Call were a had a few differant alts of differant weapon types.  Much like i might want to do here.  It would be frustrating after a year to realize the later model missle mechs just arent for me. 

This game is in beta right? Are we not supposed to give feedback on likes and dislikes?  You can stop "explaining" how it works....because i already get it, and that is what im commenting on.

First off, he's making sure you know the basics, as you are new here. This saves you some embarrassment down the road in case you didn't. Secondly, he is also giving his own opinion, opinions go both ways, and what you propose also causes major game breaking issues as well. Such as one man markets, or rather the lack of a market altogether. If everyone can manufacture and rat and mine. Then there is no socializing needed in game.


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Anyone who has faced my "armor tanked" support bot, will tell you that armor tanking can be just as powerful when done right. Also the devs have the shield hardeners bonus calculated wrong (Or displayed incorrectly.) The math doesn't add up to the invulnerability you think it does.

I'm not saying shields arn't crazy powerful, they are, and require some serious dps to crack, (Or a dedicated neut bot.) But at the same time, you have a shielded bot with VERY limited options for offense/support.

In my personal opinion, the pros are even to the cons. Yes a shield bot is absolutely invincible 1v1 when setup right. (Even a shotgun mesmer with medium neut couldn't crack my gropho.) But at the same time... how am I dangerous to that mesmer? Keep in mind you need almost all head slots as hardeners for that tank.


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Vorgrim Scout wrote:

Ok, after fighting some 4 star chameleons, I retract everything I said about ECMs not being effective.

Ouch, sorry you had to learn that the hard way. yikes


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I think I am going to put recruitment on old until styx gets back. I can't handle this many applications at once. I don't have the free time.


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Maynard Benaui wrote:
Blackomen wrote:

Only to those flying them, everyone else hated them.

Sure, because people who did not fly them had no clue what they talk about...

Nano era was the best utilization of combat mechanics EVE can offer.


Ok, I give up. Trying to explain why your wrong, is like trying to explain to a 5 year old why he can't have that chocolate bar. No matter what you say, or how you say it, he's still going to cry and throw a tantrum.


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Vorgrim Scout wrote:
Blackomen wrote:

To be honest, I think it was the lower level content that needed more testing. Higher level content has been tested to death in CB.

I recently rolled a new alt to get a feel for launch.

Seriously? You are all complaing about a lack of pvp. More people participating = more testing. PVP balance is the main concern here.

I will have to take your word for the fact that higher level stuff is balanced, though I'm fairly certain I will be refering back to this post at some time in the future.

I'm not complaining at all at this point. As we don't really expect much pvp before launch. And probably not much after it either, at least for a while.

I understand you'd like to play with the bigger toys before launch, no need to mask that, I would too in your shoes. As for balance in the bigger bots. They actually are rather balanced right now. At least in my opinion.

And for the record, I have absolutely no problem with everyone getting level 10 extensions and free heavy mechs prior to launch. I was simply saying that the high tier stuff has been tested to hell and back. But currently the lower tier stuff, especially the new tutorial missions, and new low level NPCs and grinding is actually in more need of it. I'm not trying to spoil your fun in any way. smile


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Alex has it about right. ECMs are underused not because they are weak, but rather because people are too lazy to find how to use them correctly.

Of all the ewar mechs I'd hate to run into 1 v 1 it's a vagabond. As a vagabond can completely disable another bot. All it requires is 2 ecm and 2 suppressors. Also unlike other forms of ewar, the vagabond is the only bot capable of fitting it like this, as the ECM bonus is a must.

In the end, the best setup is a suppressor bot "and" a ecm bot. Individually they are annoying. But together, they are downright evil. People just don't seem to want to team up properly, so ECM gets used less, don't blame the module, blame the lack of player teamwork.