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Styx wrote:

Quite a reasonable number of new recruits this past week. Thanks to this our US TZ has stepped up quite a bit.

More like growing at an alarming rate.

Alexadar wrote:

At least artwork of this "troll" alt is genuine.

If your going to call me out on this, then fork up the evidence. This artwork has never been posted anywhere on the net before. If you can't then kindly shut the *** up. smile

Alexadar wrote:

I suppose that even cruel pirate corporation must have respect to the developers team. I see you dont.

Oh we do, many of the devs are great guys. What Zoom wrote was downright offensive. You'd be offended too if one said the same thing about your artwork.

Wait... why am I even responding to a troll alt. roll

Edit: I knew it styx! I freaking knew you were into furry! lol

DEV Zoom wrote:
Blackomen wrote:

Mine is rather old, made back towards the beginning of perpetuum.

Given the fact that both jpegs contain Photoshop CS5 metadata (which was released April 2010), have been saved with mere 11 minutes of difference, plus the strikingly similar style of both pictures that resembles other works from Siddy... well, makes the whole thing rather suspicious...

Good god man, I can see why your suspicious, but your calling me a downright cheat. In fact siddy did do the final touches on mine, as he's a far better artist than me. He added the finer details and shadows I can't do. It's also the reason both came from CS5 and were added at the same time. I wasn't aware colabs were against the rules. Seeing as they arn't in the rules.

Yu bai NIC! Yu bai NIC nao! Super famrey spesial!

But seriously. I did love trading ISK in eve for delivered pizza. Grind some faction loot for an hour, get a free dinner. Fantastic system.


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Maynard Benaui wrote:

The NIC you spent on ammo purchase isn't going away from the system.  They don't sink, they just change the owner.

Unless your buying from NPC infinite sell orders. And I do have to actually agree, the game does need more sinks of some sort. But short of charging all residents an income tax, property tax, and making bots require fuel... I have no real practical ideas. sad

Zorac wrote:
Neoxx wrote:
GM Kami wrote:





Mine is rather old, made back towards the beginning of perpetuum. I don't need the extra account, but I have a broke friend that needs one, so I figured what the hell. I would have just given it to him to enter if I hadn't already signed it.

Edit: I see your implications that we are cheating, sorry to say, we aren't. (Well at least not me anyway.) tongue

Ok, I give up, he's an entry from me. Warning I'm not very good at drawing. tongue


Cork wrote:

- Not a bunch of douchebags

Define your version of douchebags. lol

There are only a few real pvp dedicated corps around. The largest and most well established EU/US pvp corp is ours "M2S". There are a handful of smaller ones popping up as well.



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Jita wrote:
Blackomen wrote:

The ictus isn't "sucky". The bot itself is fantastic. The changes that were made to neuts/drains are what is sucky. (Not the bot bonuses, I'm referring to dispersion.)

Come on Blackoman, you get your sense of humor shot off? Ictus ... sucky ... throw me a bone here

My bad... Missed the punchline. It must have been late, or I would have made a crack at it as well.

The LOS just needs fixing. Then I'd say it's quite balanced currently.


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GM Kami wrote:

serious post, Troll post, closed/moved topic ? big_smile

D. All of the above


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Neoxx wrote:
Blackomen wrote:

I too would like to see this list asap. Knowing the limits of abuse is at least helpful.

Exactly.  I can only withstand abuse as long as I know its within the limits.

Preach it brother! lol


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I too would like to see this list asap. Knowing the limits of abuse is at least helpful.


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Neoxx wrote:

I would just edit in below his warning, "Consider the removed of your warning removed."

I could do that, but that would require less effort to remove. big_smile


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Consider the removal of the post removed.


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Jita wrote:

World of tanks. If perpetuum had wot graphics, los and collision I would only be able to play with one hand as I'd be fapping so much

Thank god perpetuum isn't as imbalanced as WOT. There would be one side with 2x the armor, firepower, range, accuracy, and speed.

Not sure if Navyfield is any good, but I'm bored, and will give it a try.

Pireb wrote:
Blackomen wrote:

People still deserve access to mech/heavy mech research on pve. Just not at the same rate as those in pvp islands.

i fail to see why people that "pvp" (read pve in a pvp area) should gain research faster then those that pve.

Bit of a necro, but I'll play along. The reason for that is that the bots are MEANT to be used to pvp anyway. And the guy doing pvp is taking greater risks by far in order to get more rewards. Pve on pvp islands, is still pvp, as you can be attacked at any moment.


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3 Kinds of GMs. (Good "Now extinct", Bad, and Corrupt.)

Go ahead and keep deleting my posts without warning, I'm now saving every one I post and copy pasting them back in hourly.

*Warning: consider this post removed. - DEV Zoom

Oh Noez! My post!


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Hadouken wrote:

Appealing to battletech or gundam fans would raise the games population a fair amount.

That's a double edged sword. It'll increase the gundam fans, and reduce the mechwarrior etc. crowd. It will not increase the numbers in both.

Just so you know, I'm going to get bashed for this in-corp for a week.

I kind of like it more with the color. Or perhaps I just watched Avatar one too many times recently.

Hadouken wrote:

my bad, thats just what i heard. i've only played with missiles so far. Never even heard of guass guns!  I better do some more research before the 18th.

Gauss guns are a close range varient of EM guns. They are often reffered to as "shotguns" as they are essentially point blank weapons (30m range with proper fit.) but are terrifyingly powerful. It's a risky setup, but if you can get in close, whatever you point at, dies.

Styx wrote:
Hadouken wrote:

conventional firearms(machine guns basically) are your basic weapon. 

Em guns are close range high damage. 

Lasers are long range least damage.

Missiles are meduim range, meduim damage, but can fire over hills ignoring line of sight. 

Perp uses similar mechanics to combat, but there's no rotational speed. The rest is the same, but the addition of line of sight mechanics makes things very interesting.


Guass guns are close range extreme damage.
EM guns are medium range and medium damage.

Close range lasers are high damage, medium range and high cap consumption.
Long range lasers are extreme range, medium damage and high cap consumption.

Missiles have a huge arc of fire, terrible damage, high alpha and low cap consumption.

This is correct.

6 year stEVE vet here. And I say welcome fellow stEVEians (tm)