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Stop it with the 1v1 examples because they're completely pointless and could never be balanced.  This game is about group PvP and each individuals balance of power within the group.

i agree whole heartedly. if you havent realized it yet, this is a MMO meaning you arent in a single player game. Personally i started off solo but my intent was to deal with the production side of things while i got my bearings in this game, when it came down to me wanting to pvp i got in with a corp. Thinking that you can go it alone in combat is foolish and will be expensive for you. best thing you can do is find people that you think you can get along with for both the business side and the combat side of this game and enjoy.

Lege wrote:

I was considering EVE a year or so ago and chose not to play it for a similar reason.

yeah time based progression is most likely not for you.

As for that kill chart, thats awesome. And yes it was tons of fun and actually very informative as well. its good to know that the difference between starter bots and more advanced ones are in terms of taking out other ppl in pvp. With what we saw today we can actually start reworking theories on how we can go about pvp for the first month of live without a huge expense in bots/time/mats. We've known for quite a while how many lights it will typically take to kill assaults and mechs but getting the bottom end of the performance scale is nice to have

Lege wrote:

Yeah that is completely fair. Have to graveyard zerg you to kill one of you. What were they thinking complaining about being 240k EP behind you?
Perpetuum better learn what competitive balance means and quick. Let me say it again cmpetitive balance.

first off, fairness is a myth.

secondly, if you can down an assault or mech with focus fire wouldnt that in of itself be proof that there is a competitive balance? its costs nothing for an arkhe and the same cannot be said for a mech. t4 fittings on top of that is another astronomical expense. and if a total of 15-20 arkhes in throw away gear can down one then that is balanced

Are you saying that unless EVERYBODY has the same amount of points then you wont ever pvp? time progression sandbox games reward the earliest players so if you are going to cry about something thats small like a 240k points difference then please do not buy this game. think in terms of years and the point spreads that will occur over that amount of time. guess you cried alot in stEVE too. You can still be competitive with teamwork. but to think that a starter bot is competitive 1v1 against somebody who has the points and equipment and more importantly put in the time to have those things then you need a new game. The mechanics are basically sound in the game as it is now.

NA has been killing ppl at ICS alpha. but enough of you in arkhes have gotten together and guess what? you can kill higher lvl stuff if you focus fire. points not withstanding and skills not withstanding you can take out very big bots if you simply grow a pair of balls and actually fight together. i finally got a wasp popped by a never ending stream of arkhes pouring out of the terminal. its was great fun and funny as hell. but it does prove my point, focus fire with enough ppl will get anybody down. saw it happen against a mech as well (thankfully it wasn't one of ours) so get out there and focus up and kill all the stuff you are afraid of.


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i was just thinking, since we are all going to lose our stuff at the wipe coming up in a few days, why not go out with a bang and make all areas of the game FFA instead of just the beta islands. nothing to lose here guys and alot of arkhe fights at the end since everybody should be out of stuff by then.

thoughts? discuss

yes, been asking for an assets list for a while now


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Alexander wrote:

No, high yield recycling should just require recycling. Simples.
Level 2 should return Espitium.
Level 6 should return Alligor.

Universal armour plates should require the same materials as other armour plates.

I like this plan more than any post thus far. I would only make it a touch harder say lvl 3 for espitium. and even then the base rates should really not return that much. Ideally it would be enough to slowly feed a proto but not enough for production scale.


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i was on earlier today without issues, Currently im trying to log in and i get a "update finished" and an empty progress bar, the it switches to "connecting" and hangs eternally there. i checked server status and it says its up and running. checked IRC but thats a ghost town. is there a problem with clients atm? do i need to do the dreaded re DL?