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Well, sorry i may have missed some post, even if i tried (really hard ...) to read everything ...
But cant we think GuildWars business model could also be good option?

Another option: Unlock bots tiers availability with micropayment.
Add some "one-time transactions" for some account "bonus" like:
Mechs color schemes
Mechs customization (some different looking parts ... head/legs/arms ...)
Char renaming
Some kind of respec: stats reallocation, limited amount of EP reallocation

One sure thing, devs must be sure watever they choose, it wont fit witheverybody. And i have no problem with p2p option, just Perp doesnt deserve 15$ a month ...

There is an autorun.
Double tap the direction key
And numlock (can be changed in settings)

Great job, not only the content, but the artistic job you did on your presentation ^^


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Do you realise what you are saying, GMs??
See the date i entered the Perpetuum beta?
Well, my second day, those "pirates" were exploiting police towers, and gank newbies (and others ...) in safe areas.
This was clearly a bug exploit.
At this time, your player policy clearly stated that bugs exploits will be punished.
Those exploiters never have been punished in any way.

A few weeks later, same pirates used more bugs ... as speed hacks ... for example.
Reported, never punished.

This is not new, you always claimed, you like those pirate, you want perpetuum to be a gank fest, a full pvp game.
But, you should have take measures against those exploiters a looong time ago.

Gremrod wrote:

Anyone know if this spreadsheet is dead now?

Yes, totally dead, as is the old program project.

The nvidia driver that had problems is a quite recent one, maybe less than one month ...

By asking for your config, i hoped something else but a whole dxdiag tongue

Download gpuz from http://www.techpowerup.com/gpuz/
In second tab, check "continue refreshing when ..." then launch game, and check gpu temp/fan speed.
Report results smile
Cause maybe you have some gpu fan trouble (doesnt turn fast enough?)

You can also check system stability with OCCT (http://www.ocbase.com/perestroika/)

Monitor your system with RivaTuner (http://downloads.guru3d.com/RivaTuner-v … d-163.html)


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Well, 2 weeks later, sure he didnt stay in M2S after this story smile

Sorry, teleports syndicate radius is lower than police towers?
Then, if so, sorry for what i said ^^ my bad smile


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Styx wrote:

I assume you meant Long Range EM guns, which are terrible. They're not worth using at all over Short Range guns.

No, i really said lasers smile
If speed is first stat to consider, then what about using the longest range weapons (long range lasers then ...) to setup something that can shoot enemies from 500m away, thus being (maybe?) unbeatable??

Loosing %damage advantage can be a great lost, but cant it be balanced by overall superiority of such a mech?

It's just an idea ...

PS: is it REALLY necessary you begin a war in each post?
Consider each other argument, dont flame, try to be adult please!
Forums are becoming a ### succession of flaming posts ...
Pvp is online, not here.


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Not a bad deal to speak about balance before things are implemented, so devs can know what are players feelings and ideas smile

It's right that kain seems a bit too fast ... and even if i cant tell if this will make em bots a must-have for pvp, their short weapons range "could" balance this. Before being able to shoot at another mech (be it laser or missiles) the kain could be locked and receive a first damage round?
But, what happens for a kain, fitted with long range lasers? wouldnt it be totally unbeatable?

First it's 500m ... and yes you guys do it smile

Replace "inconcious" by "disabled" and you got a new feature ...
You are not needed to destroy ennemy mech, but you can just damage it enough to totally disable it.
Reward = choosen piece of equipment.

The most important point in my quote is the use of guild factions ... good/neutral/evil, and how they are linked together with pve/pvp.

I wont hide i clearly dont like the gank fest pvp is right now in perpetuum.
It needs polish and some kind of drawbacks?

Well, i quote here a post of "another mmo that is not Eve"'s admin, giving view of their pvp point of view.
I hope this could give inspiration to perpetuum devs and players, that in my opinion need some ...

PVP is open, but it has severe consequences.

Players can choose to fight in different combat modes: to the death or to unconsciousness. (I'd love to say 'to the pain' but that's not quite right).

Unconsciousness results in very minor skill loss and in general the victor will be allowed to loot an item of choice as a reward for a fight well fought.

Death results in some stat and skill loss and allows the victor to fully loot the player. This is not without complications and consequences for the victor.

- Carrying capacity is limited, so fully looting another player will not be practical.

- A dead or unconscious player can be looted by friends as well as enemies. Friends have the loot advantage by having a quick button to rescue select loot from a fellow player. The advantage is to players that fight in groups and players that know when to pack up and flee from a losing battle.

- Killing or looting a person that is not in an enemy tribe will cause severe reputation loss with the other tribe and within your own tribe.

And there’s more…

When tribes are formed an overall tribe alignment is chosen. Players in a good or neutral tribe will automatically become outcasts if they ‘gank’ a good or neutral player of a non enemy tribe.

Players from an evil tribe are free to loot and pillage and will gain reputation within their own tribe for doing so, but they will also be vulnerable to attacks from all players who will be able to attack evil players without negative consequences. Players in good or neutral tribes will be allowed to put bounty quests on known evil players. In essence, if a tribe chooses to be evil they become the ‘monsters’ of the world.

Tribes can choose different levels of diplomacy with each other.

Players from friendly or allied tribes can fight each other, but only to unconsciousness and without looting capability.

Players from rival tribes can fight each other to unconsciousness with partial loot to the victor. Potentially the amount of looting can be agreed upon by rival tribes. (Setting the amount of looting is not currently implemented, but it’s something I am considering).

Players from enemy tribes at war can fight to the death with full looting (Potentially tribe leaders can come to a looting agreement for this as well).

Tribal leaders can set what actions are acceptable by their tribe members, in effect determining the laws within each tribe. Even an evil tribe may have a set of lows for its members to follow in order to maintain civil trade and exchange with other tribes.

Two good tribes can not become enemies, they can become rivals at worst.

Breaking the rules agreed upon by your tribes is possible but will result in a warning. If you proceed to act after the warning, your character is set to full evil mode and your reputation, alignment and karma consequences will be severe.

But that’s not all….

A primary worry for players is that they will loose their gear or loot. Keep in mind that in Xsyon all armor and weapons can be crafted and are thus replaceable.

Regarding death by age, this will not occur in the Prelude. By the time any characters will age enough to reach a natural death there will be several (and I think very interesting) methods to deal with permanent death without character loss.

I hope that answers all the questions so far.

Well i do agree with Anni with this: all stations are syndicate property, same thing with teleporters.

As long as there are no players-owned terminals, it's up to syndicate to protect them.
And they should, even on those pvp islands.

Maybe one day, it will be possible corps own those beta terminals, and they should then have vhoice to enable police towers or not.

Ok that's what i thought first, thanks for your answer ^^


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I will try to check tomorrow the correct number, but i remember doing some maths, and calculated i had some 18% wastage with lvl6 refining.
This % is % of the total base raw mats, maybe ...
But will check that to be sure ^^

How do you know transport missions are linked to refining ratio pls?
I think i may have missed a post explaining that, and pretty interested smile


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There are two different things about licences (i say it because i needed 1 month to figure it tongue)
. First, pattern development. You develop the max licences you can buy at one time. Each level cost same
. Licence request, with a maximum equal to patent development level. Cost less the more you buy

Then, there is the real industry charge. You use one licence to build the needed item.
ONLY build 1 item at a time, as prices are bugged right now ... it will cost you bunches of money, dont do it! smile


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As this is part of the "old" industry system, we certainly better have to wait for the maybe-one-day industry revamp ...


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I didnt check those mats a lot but i think it works like this:
Base wastage is 30% of mats needed.
Each refining extension level lowers by 30%
At level10, 0% wastage?

The key is in corporation standings ...
You just added them with missions.
Then just give bad standing to players that act against the npc corporations goals.
Then, adjust pc corps standings too ... so that industrials of a pirate corp also suffer penalities.

For sure, to counteract all this, pirates corps should be able to live outside of policed zones. And that means, be able to build their own self controled base(s)


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I second Styx comment ^^
No need for npc invisibility, in my really humble opinion smile


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I dont like the faceless legion, for the loot stealing you played with me long time ago.
But i really dont like M2S ...

So, congrats, it's a good job you did smile

Too bad you killed what seems to be "a good guy in the pirate corp" and not one of those stupid professionnal gankers or griefers ...
/bow for the time you took to have this done smile

@Alex: sorry for your loss ... but you have to live with your corp reputation ... i'm amazed this never happened to you before tongue

Bunkerkind Anni wrote:

its not a head-module - its a misc-turret wink

Mmmm smile
Ya lets do as if i didnt say it ok? ^^

Mmm i'm sorry to learn this is currently a bug ... maybe it's one month it happened to me for the first time, cant really tell.
And i really thought it was a "afk security" feature hmm