I put all my points into the 2 obvious attributes for combat (tactics and mechatronics) but I am now learning accumulator skills and they use an industry attribute (heavy industry) and as such the accumulator skillups are very expensive (I'm looking at 11,000 to get to the next level which is close to max)

So for a combat toon, where accumulator skills are your life effectively, should I be putting my points elsewhere at character creation when the game goes live.



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Hadouken wrote:

But really, what game lets you level up a cleric to level 50 and then trade that character in for a level 50 fighter?  Its unbalancing.

WoW Druid can go from healer to tank to dps through talent respecs

AC2 (but its dead) - can't remeber details but you could change class pretty much


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There are no Arbalests on the market and hasn't been for days.

All I do is log on, check market for Arbalests, see there are none, raise an extension perhaps and log off.

Am I doing something wrong? I'm in the noob terminal. Do I need to move?

I am not interested in playing the game in a Yagel anymore I want to move up a class.