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Guys if you wanted to join up with other NC or just eve players in general, apply for Backwoods Farmer Fellowship  ticker BFF big_smile


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go mine it again when the server is up.  It is beta after all.


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We took a bit of a break after being in early beta for a couple months to wait for the game to develop a bit. Plus, since your in atlas, the whole NC vs SC thing kept us in eve.  Now that you backed out from the war and -A- followed, a little bit more time for mechs has come back.

every single time ^ confirming this


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Caldari is weak against kinetic/thermal... not EM yarr


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shin wrote:

cant login. sets at connecting

I am also having this issue at the present time.  checked server status says online.  Can't connect to irc.perpetuum-online.com so can't check there.

I really like the idea of being able to "proc" that has been mentioned.  In this setting it would be quite something.


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Agree'd Fully.  As CEO of Wildly Inappropriate I would like to extend the first o7's to both our future allies, and enemies.

o7 Tomcat
Wildly Inappropriate CEO
Admiral of litter box upkeep


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0/10 would not read again



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Also in relation to this.  If a current CEO transfers CEO to another member, in the corp info it denotes it as a "founder" change, instead of CEO.. but it seems the roles transfer. 

However, to go along with the OP... it does not update to the corp management skills of the new CEO.

attempted to log in.  client downloaded a small patch and now I'm hung on connecting... just an fyi!

Agreed and requested this in the chat with the Dev's yesterday