I would still dissagree with the nic side but maybe I am doing something wrong then.
I farm yagels at the moment for 2-3 hrs at a time. Making 200k - 300k net profit from the drops and kernals after the purchase of ammo. Given that the cheapest Arbelest is just over 2 mill Nic it does take me a week.

I can understand where he comes from.  You do suffer from a gap in EP if you start later and that gap is making it near impossible to move to beta islands and be affective.
The grind on alpha Islands is real slow going to get cash as backup for the bots with the massive spike in prices further holding people back and making the gap between established characters and new players that much bigger.
Just to work up enough nic to have a backup assault bot is easily a week’s work at the moment, with that in mind it is easy to see why so many what for the skills to be effective and why the beta islands is a desert resort for the lucky few.
As far as corps go there seem to be a real lack of any PVP corps.

I am with you on this one Diplomat would really like to join a rival corp it could make things a lot more interesting