Well, the title says it... I find the difficulty increase between the starter "drone" npc-s and the next weakest "rookie" type npc-s very high. I needed about 4-5 days of EP and some modules to effectively fight them. I dont know if a new player will want to spend 4-5 days killing  only drone types of enemies. Some toughts:

Either make a new enemy type, like "advanced drone", that is between the drone difficulty and the rookie difficulty, or just lessen the difficulty of the rookies (not by much tho).

Also making more types of drones, that are only different by painting and weapons used, would make the new player experience much more fun. Currently its autocannon only, which gets boring after a while.


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i think i tried that a while ago, and it didnt crashed to me... will try it today too.


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i smell cheap suicide bots and looting alts...


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Sarinas wrote:

To add another irregularity.. If f.ex. two targets are locked and you select the secondary target as primary, just after the primary was destroyed, guns will fire one round towards the new target, and then deactivate. Then you need to activate again to finish him off.

same here, i found it weird, and not very polished. The whole game seems smooth and logical, this one is just plain weird.

Aye, so theoretically the following can now happen:
mr. noob comes in, begins to hunt drones

drones die slowly, mr. noob-s loot gets stolen, or the drones dont drop anything, or ammo only

mr. noob uses more ammo to kill a bot than the average ammo dropped

mr. noob is out of ammo, no money, no nothing. He does not know that if he suicides, he gets a new bot, or doesnt want to, or he did, but he gets only 1 per hour. He could go mining, but he doesnt want to, he emoquits and tells everyone how this game sucks.  (or he uses up all the charges and finds nothing, because all the other new players are minig too)

we need a _sure_ way to get started in this game. If someone can somehow fail all opportunities, then someone will. The no-ammo gun is a good way to surely (tho slowly) climb up after the biggest falls. I would even add that starter miner shouldnt use charges. For balancing, a slight adjustment of these modules may be neccessary, like lowering the damage/rof/anything, or increasing fitting costs, or make them fittable on the noob bot only.

Please share your toughts. Maybe not as important as i think, or maybe there are other reasons such guns are not allowed.

nah what i wanted to write that i seen that things dont stack sometimes, first poster has right probably

I was about to suggest this feature. This is something that is really needed when trading with large amount of cheap objects (helioptris, etc).


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Kveldulfson wrote:

I must have killed a hundred of them so far to prove its defective

best excuse for exploit tongue


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Kveldulfson wrote:

To be honest I dont think Mining or Harvesting have ever been that great in any MMo, and unless the devs change things so you can have 2 sets of keys and use then to control your bot like a R/L JCB it will never be much more than move to a spot target the area you want and hit F1 F2 F3 etc

In Eve the only thing that made 0.0 mining fun was doing it as a large corp group and having fun on TS and in corp chat etc...

And to be honest I think that is the only way it will be fun in Perpetuum too

Sure this "boring gathering" exists in a lot of games, but why not try to improve it?

In a lot of games, harvesting is not a big part of gameplay, but something that can be done while questing or pvp-ing. But here, it is an integral and large part of gameplay, so we cant just leave it boring. Well, we can, but we shouldn't.

Getting sometimes rare minerals would be a good beginning ("like named modules, but for miners" - yea, thats a good explanation).


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And of course there could be a new skill to raise the chances of getting something rare.


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Sorry for not coming up with a more elaborate topic name, but seriously. Under gathering i mean mining, and especially harvesting.

This was also an issue in eve, and in darkfall. So thats true that released games have such similar mechanisms, so it is probably not that serious for other people, but i find watching my robot harvesting helioptris is like: wtf, no way i want to do this in my free two hours a day!

There are some things that ease the pain, tho: One, the scanning process before mining. I find it fun, and something that i enjoy. Two, searching for harvestable plants. It is not as fun as scanning, but i enjoyed my trip searching for some triandlus, and was happy when finally found a few.

But the process of gathering, when you turn on your harvesters/miners, is just plain stupid. You dont even have to do anything, just watching your robot doing its own work. Boring.

Now let me cover a few counter-arguments that people are used to say:

1. you can afk out, read a book, watch tv, etc.

Yea, thats true. But i want to play a fun game actually, that is fun in every aspect. This is the little sister of the argument "if you dont like it, stop playing".

2. yea it is boring now, but in pvp territories, it is not boring anymore, because you have to defend yourself or flee with the loot

I played darkfall, theres ffa pvp enabled just about everywhere. Gathering is just as boring there, except that you cant even afk out, because you may get ganked. So the "fun" comes from looking around nervously in every 30 secs, and running when someone comes. Is that fun? Does that make the process of gathering fun? No freaking way.

I mined in 0.0 in eve. Same thing there: the "fun" comes from watching the local, intel, and aligning towards the stadion / cloak on safespot when needed. And hearing the humming of mining lasers.

Now some things i have tought of:

In darkfall, gathering was just a bit more bearable, because you could get all sorts of rare stuff,
like jewels from just mining iron, or steedgrass when farming for health potions. This made gathering a bit more fun, every gather cycle was like a small lottery ticket or so, you usually got what you originally wanted, but sometimes you found something that was worth a lot more.

We could use this feature too: when mining titanium, you could get instead (or besides) of your normal cycle a "big chunk of titanium ore", that can be refined for more titanium or special alloys. When harvesting helioptris, you could find maybe a "helioptris sprout" that can be planted or refined for more helioptris, or "bioorganic material" that can be used in manufacturing, etc. You get the idea.

2. In a lot of games, when farming for materials, you actually spend a lot of time running around, looking for those materials, and the process of actually extracting those materials is rather trivial (see wow or lotro for example, when you farm copper, you dont actually mine copper for 5 minutes, but spend 4.9 minutes running around, seeking for copper, and the rest 0.1 min with actual mining). This forces players to wander a lot, which is actually more interactive than sitting somewhere.

I am not really sure how could we use this observation here: making helioptris plants contain only 10 units and make them grow six times faster feels awkward and since they tend to grow in groups, does not really solve a lot of things.

Well, i wrote these down to consider and maybe spark some ideas; feel free to add your own toughts.

it happened to me during the same play session multiple times

the combat log writes repairs done by my armor repairer twice, just next to each other

actual repair is okay, just the message is written twice

anyone else experienced this?

I recycled a miner module with 0 recycling skills, then i raised the skill to lvl 2, and recycled another one. On the recycle preview panel i've seen the same amount of waste, and at recycling, i got the same number of materials as with skill 0.

Logging off and on then fixed this, now my skill seems working, and i get more materials from recycling a third miner module - on the same skill level than before logging off.

I heard some rumor about skills not updating until you leave the station, but this is clearly wrong the way it is.


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Its maybe only me, but i never bothered to try to figure out the enemy's weakness in resists in pvp in that other game, i just used ammo based on other traits (longrange for sniper, highest damage for close range setups). Everyone went to "highest resist in all four damage types" too, so changing ammunition in combat or putting up a scanner instead of a more agressive module was futile and resulted loss of dps.

Even in that other game, there were more differences between ammo and ammo, not just the damage type (i used autocannons mostly, and i remember that each ammo gave a different optimal bonus or malus, not to mention t2 ammo). I think it is a low hanging fruit to give different ammos different attributes, it seems easily doable, and would give some real meaning in deciding which ammo to use.

About npc-ig: I mean the process that "against caldari, bring em, against minmatar, bring explosive" type of "decision" is not much of a decision; from a game designers perspective if a decision that a player has to "decide" is obvious, then it is more of a nuisance than a game element. Lets put it this way:
"you get +10% damage, or you lose 10% damage", now this is not really a decision.
"you get +10% damage, but you lose 20% tracking, or you get -10% damage, but with +10% rate of fire", now that is something to consider depending on your fitting preferences, skills, play style, etc; resulting in a more interesting gameplay.


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or another alpha strike command, it works for me


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Is it true that EP stands for EPeen?


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or if you dont find anything, then maybe your robot could explode, and also kill your character, but so heavily, that it loses EP, or gets deleted straight away

sorry sorry couldnt resist


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Thu i am not in charge in answering this, i think ammunitions would be more fun and a strategic element, if each one would give some bonuses and maluses. They could alter tracking, optimal, falloff, even energy used in firing them, or having special abilities like bypassing shields.


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I find the mechanism of scanning and searching fun. I can imagine using this scanner for searhing a whole lot of other things: lost artifacts, damaged and rusty mech parts, hidden teleports, maps and plants etc. I do not really have a solid view on the mechanisms and possibilities, what i want to highlight that the scanner system is so well done that it would be a shame to waste it on only searching for minerals. Any ideas?


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same issue here, although it happens rather rarely, like every 10th occassion or so


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Fumen wrote:

With those maxed, every thing else will be so easy to adapt to that when the nerfbat falls, it'll glide over you like water off a ducks back.

ducks get nerfed?

Blackomen, luv your sig tongue

Edit: i can imagine that rare minerals take either missions or big corps to mine out. It will be possibly unbalanced and game-breaking, but right now i like the idea.

This is definitely a must, all mmo-s have it, and it is really helpful, feels responsive, etc...

Tried in the water? Just a guess.


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Mining can be done semi-afk, so it probably should not be as profitable as npc-ing. I personally set my bot to harvest, then i alt-tab and do my own thing.

But the current state is rather ridiculous also, 5 minutes of npc-ing can get you that much as 30 mins of harvesting.