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Found some translations that dont really fit:

undock -> abdocken, verlassen, abkoppeln
unstack -> Stapel teilen

on the guns and ammo it might sound better if it used the german word for lite instead of small

lite gunammunition -> leichte Munition

composite ammo -> Verbund(material) munition
flame ammo -> Brandmunition

It looks like the button relaod all, deducts under certain circumstances the wrong number of charges.

6 med gaus emp-guns
intitally 4 on composit slugs, 1 chemical, 1 incendary
was low on ammo and therefor watching my cargo closely (would be a bad idea to be with a slow mech in a spawnfield and run out of ammo)

after firing about 10 shots with all guns, i used "relaod all"
from my cargo about 10 incendary, 10 chemical and 10 composit were taken,

did run out of all but composite slugs.

started close combat with circling singleshotfire of all guns,
after killing taget i was at

39,40,40,40,40,41-> reload all => 10 charges were deducted.

i think this error has been around for some time, i already had wondered why the ammo usage of my arbalest lasts that long.

can someone please verify if tis occures with different guns and/or ammo too, and if it also occures on automatic reload.


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Ok i went back to those arbalests, a singleone can slow you down to 10%-25% (66->7-12kph).
On one occation one only brought me down to 42kph, which would be ok.
The effect last about 4-10 more seconds after the arb is destroyed. If only one is having locked at destroying a second you are down to 0. is there any way to reduce the effect, either by extension or module?

Ewar has to follow the line of sight too. i just got locked down to 0 kph by 2 mobs at a hill, me on one side, the mobs on the other, neitherone able to hit the other. if not one of the mobs had been stupid enough to move to the side of the hill i never would have been able to get out again.
Thats for sure kind of stupid, sitting there the whole evening watching the bots shooting the hill.


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this would be overdoing it for liveplay, since it would remove all penalty on botloss, but during Beta this might be an idea, tho even there you could remove all standardequipment and set all other and the bot to 1 hp. If repairing would require some materials too and there would only be a limited number of repairs this might even suffice for live.


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Part of the problem seems to be that some of the bots have several modules fitted, thatway one gets you to 35% a second to 10% and with the current duration you are  soon locked down if bots respawn during the effectduration.

i would love to check this further but i m running out of bots. Part of the problem is for sure the respawnrate or pattern, if the mobs would only spawn outside the aggrorange this problem wouldnt be so severe since thy first had to get inside aggrorange and lock you (and with a superior bot you might even be able to kill them before they can engage you)


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ATM it shows a date of 2211-01-06 hh:mm:ss, windows is showing correct time. not sure if its just me.


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ATM the impact of loosing a bot is to sever and in my oppinion hindering the progress of beta but it will also affect the final game if it stays the same.

During livegameplay loosing a bot is a thing that has to hurt, during beta it is a thing that should occur, since you have to test sparing with all possible mobs in different fittings and there have to be some bots that beat the hell out of you. If you loose your bot and you are now basically forced to stick to mining until you can build a new bot or to farming and hoping that someone sells you a new bot.

On livegame the mining or buying is ok, only thing to discuss is what percentag of the worth of the lost equipment is refunded so you can buy the bot or materials.

on beta its a different matter, you are basically forced to wait till you have a new bot and during this time you cant test the fighting, the other sideeffect is that ppl will seldom risk their bot on taking on stupid combinations, none will test taking on a seth in a newbefitted yagl while only having newbeeskills if the loss of the yagl will take him 2 days of farming, but there might be some loophole in the ballacing that makes the seth a easy pray.

You neither can buy all bots nor all equipment on market atm so some will not be tested if you risk loosing it.

Please implement some way to get your bot back during BETA. Maybe with everypice of equipment locked to your account so it doesnt really impact on economy.


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tested my heavy mech without any ewar fitted against several mobs, ewar is on some really overpowered. I found some 1 star arbalests which can bring alone your speed to next to 0 and if a second spawns you are rooted. There might be other mobs like these too.

I dont mind that mobs can slow you down but mobs locking you in place while not being able to scratch you until you run out in accu after about 30 minutes is basically removing the solo pve from being usable, you cant loot since any respawn would get you killed even if you outgun the mobs by far.
In my case i was able to kill the first 5 without getting hit while the ewar because of its longer range got me rooted and I took down a few dozend mobs more till getting destroyed.

I think a single mob should at best bring you down to 30% speed and even several should never be able to bring your speed down to 0, even if you creep of with 3 mph you can get out of the spawnarea (if you last long enough), but you got a chance. just playing stationary sentrygun whil the game spawns wave after wave of mobs on you is feeling stupid.

An other aspect is that there shouldnt be bots or mobs that can do both, slow ppl really down and hit them hard. if there would be 2 different mobs at the spawn with longer respawntimes you could just kill the ewarbots and run off while being shot at, but with mobs rooting you and hitting this is not possible.

Please devs reconsider the numbers on PvE

Hi Blackomen

calm down a bit.
to say it blunt: its the f**** joys of betatesting,

Since you have to expect a complete wipe after beta if taking part in an beta you cant loose a thing.

The Perpetuum-dev seem to pretty carefull on avoiding hardless actions towards the testers, on other games if there is a problem with an account you can be happy if you get some XP-refund after the reset of your account. I think the Perpetuum-devs will fix this Problem and after that you will be able to use all bots again.

But even if everythign will be fine we mustend forget that we are testing a unfinished product and that the devs are free to do whatever they want, be it throwing lighningbolts at players (yes, i like thatone), deleting random items and skills or shutting down the game. It is their property they are only allowing it to toy with it.

I have really a lot to fun in this beta and so far there werent not that much big errors, i would say this beta is doing fine and is worth taking part in it, so lats just see what will happen and after taht we still can post that the result isn sufficent for us.


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unlocking a tile while mining it returns a <unknown> , either the translation to english is missing or the event is not expected.

might applie to harvesting too.


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Problem with geoscanner does also occur if you reload the scanner while scanning. Reload all might be the most common reload oh that since you often want to reload your miners while scanning.


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Check if the ceo is first in list, the corp transfer window has the habit to set the name back to the first in list if any other transfer is done within the guild.


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Problem is not limited to tyrannos. atm its alot easier to kill mechs (exept artemis) than to kill the small and medium bots.


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Problem might exist the other way around too. Some of the guns arent shown as inactive after the end of a fight. never tied what happens if i target someone. since switchig targets with active weapons continues to fire at new target that might cause a problem if you target a player some minutes after the fight.


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As far as we ar infomed that phase of beta is already done.

Atm its testing of the progress with the planed ep, some might be to costy some to easy to obtain. Alot of people are already using fully equiped mechs and i dont think the devs would be able to bring in new content and have the patches tested appropriatly if the ep rate is increased.

For my taste far to may ppl are already grinding for NIC to afford the equipment the could use by skill instead of testing out the limits of the low and medium bots. There are only very few ppl checking the areas further out from the stations and there is alot to be discovered and alot of bugs to be reported.

The devs would for sure need more data on fighting between all the different types of bots. In some bots it feels easier to kill 2star Kain than rooky prometheus.


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New Brandenburg station lacks collisionbox, you can drive through

olease add wherever other towers/stations lack collision


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@Quodys: Problem occures if you drop a fitted equipment on equipment in storage. Problem did still exist yesterday when i removed a miner with charges from bot into the private storage. Im not sure if i tried to drop it on equipment or materials.


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The robopedia in the 'world of perpetuum' section of the website lacks the description of the termis.


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Looks like a screenshot from mining to me. Maybe they implemented a loadingscreen showing ingamescreenshots that for some reason is normaly not displayed.


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Please include on the infos on NIC-Transfers in the field 'notes' the reciver of payouts.

The recipient in the dropdown on payouts resets to first in list, if anything is transfered from or to guildstorage or cahnge a setting on one of the storages. I havent been able to verify wether that is also happening if other guildmembers move things or change settings.

Subfolders in the corporation hangars dont show the name in folderbar at bottom of screen, stays 'new foulder' even if it was renamed.


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ok, lets face reality, in the hightech invironment the game is set humans would not be needed to steer the bots, else the NPC woud not work. Any game is an artifical environment that is loosly reflecting the realworld.

in Fantasygames
- ppl in robes get a hit with broadsword and walk away instead of being cut to pices.
- you are able to take on several wolves armed with a knive

in shooter ppl
-talke a salvo of an AK-47 and are still able to fire back.
-ppl will bea able to fight back serveral seonds after a flashbang got of next to them, same with grenades

in hitec-games
-you can be shot while trying to cross a starsystem in less than 10 minutes, even if there would be any way to get over the speed of light, this or the relativistic distortion would make it impossible to be hit or or target something
- any encounter at that speed would only last milliseconds.
- everything exept lasers would be close to useless since a autotargeting counterlaser could take out several missles and ballistics.

worst of all, there is nothing like a respawn, (please correct me if im wrong  big_smile )

so gamedevelopment can look at reality for features but should never get stuck with doing a exact copy of reality exept for a simulations. The games are supposed to be fun, reality is boring and battles are a bloody mess.

On topic:
if a newbebot has for an newbe a targetingtime of 10 seconds we might get on a special equiped and optimised battlebot with an advanced character a targetingtime of less than 2 seconds.

Since ppl wont be very long newbees in starterbot but quite long medim to high we have to wait if the initial 10 seconds might even have to be incresed to 15 or 20 to get an wide enough area  to balance the highlvl players and bots while keeping the game playable for ppl with some lag

Im cetrain the devs will take a very close look if players have better bots and skills.


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No, reload all isnt distributing even either. When i tried that yesterday evening it loaded last gun to limit and gave the rest to the other.

Only good solution might be a button 'load with..' bringing up a box that accepts a number.


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Try to put it on an empty spot in the inventory.
The error sounds like game is trying to equip it on the item you drag it on.
Since combining in the inventory is not ingame, combining in inventory could be disabled.