New: Added NPC respawn effects.

Awaiting global AI and mobs "smart" squads!


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Its looks like unfinished work. Ask mates from M2S to rework this map. They are good artists.

I dont see how instances fits in this world.

At least artwork of this "troll" alt is genuine.

I suppose that even cruel pirate corporation must have respect to the developers team. I see you dont.

I am poor student from eastern europe! I can't pay for early access now! I really want to play! But if noble m2s deserves to all prizes.. so be it...:(

I have my doubts that the agents m2s can draw so beautiful pictures. But I really envy your team spirit, allowing you almost simultaneously send submissions! Maybe you're a great team! I am very glad that you play fair in this competition!


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So many questions without answers. I'm glad that you will host this session big_smile


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[sarcasm]also add elves and dwarfs with large hammers[/sarcasm]

"Mayhem" is a nice event for new players to test all of the robots and equipments. Players what starving to play "uber robat and lazors", will get more fun before the release. This is a nice method to keep the community together)

Request in a topic smile

Nuimqol understands that without war there will be no peace. Thats why they had to create peacekeepers for the problem territories. Artillery mech Hata was hired to keep peace for the Nuimqol. … edited.jpg


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Марк если есть желание - черкани пм. У меня есть идеи по поводу планера smile


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Anyway, i need dev comment about it.


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Its funny: they don't give out their formulas, but they really glad to see p.planer, and placing news about it on the site.

Developers must be provided with technical info. If you have artwork and formulas, i'm ready to listen.

But there is main benefit from providing technical info by admins: automatic P.planer update after last game hotfix.


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Do you know how he did his program? I think with a lot of "printscreens" and his own formulas for calculation. If formulas and artwork will be provided, development will be painless and much faster.


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2 Devs: if you provide me artwork and all needed info, i can write better perpetuum planner, that Zima created. This planner will be more flexible and generally much better.


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Read one more time. I sad nothing about "be built into mining bots".
Geoscaning results will be outdated when mining bot turn geoscanner off.
It works like standard geoscanner! Only one difference is that it able to refresh current geoscanning result automaticly, and load it to 3D ui.


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Realtime scanner. Helps to monitor current ore deposits values in realtime. Results can be dumped into a standard geoscaner results. This module will help miners to avoid "ore **** depleeted" mesages, and add kawaii animation to ore process! This is feature request i guess))


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First thought about this feature: "Hey corp, lets build some mountains around this epriton field for a few days to safe mine some kkk of it" smile

About tactical overview: /signed. Or it can be implemented through radar extending : … extension/

Its very useful feature for large army of evil bots.

Scrollable, movable, dockable-undockable (like in google chrome) chat tabs.
When u have private messaging with 100500 people, this features is really missing.

Im in smile


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How to move more players to the beta islands:
If very expensive but very effective defenses will be implemented, more people will move to the beta islands.
For example:

1) Mobile shield generator. It absorbs enough damage, to protect mining or farming operation for the few minutes. This few minutes is enough, to log-out or to bring on more battle forces to the conflict spot. Very high cost of this shield generator prevented it often used. Also for better balancing eprithon fields need to move away from outposts. It change will forcing players to use this shields.

2)Outpost turrets, preventing any PVP. Limited number of them can be placed on the all corporation outposts.

3)Higher delay between outposts intrusion events.

After implementing this features, more players will be interested to move to the beta islands. There will be still some risks: to be destroyed while mining or farming or else, but this risk will be lesser that now. As a result more people will be interesting to move to the betas.