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Blackomen wrote:
GM Alf wrote:

We will look into it!
Also as Mancs stated above, there will be a mech desingned purely for support.
The remote repairer is like that because we would like to avoid when everyone repairs everyone while firing.
We want you to have losses in battles yarr
We could make that modul to work on primary locked targets, but it would be issue then for the support mech.

Understandable, everyone hated remote rep gangs in eve also. (Curses rr domi gangs) Looking forward to the dedicated support mech, It's the role I love to do in pvp.

Just because you were pwned by RR gangs in eve and you don't know how to counter them doesn't mean RR is bad. In fact, RR requires more efforts then usual "warp in to optimals, F1-F8" style of play, so it's adequate that you get more chance to win with more efforts put.

On the extensions page, color all attributes with different colors and near every extension name put a pair of colored squares to show primary/secondary attribute. Secondary attribute may be indicated by pale color.

After teleporting, all bonuses from skills stop working. This can be seen on robot info window. After docking/undocking bonuses work again.


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Don't forget to update changed stats of existing robots, I suspect some of them are outdated.

when a cont is killed, there is a long lightning showing, going into infinity. this effect remains for a couple of minutes, slowly fading out.

Context menu inconsistency: when a single item in bot cargo is clicked, menu shows "Destroy", while for multiple items it's "Trash".

What info window shows while docked:
and after teleporting available cpu/reactor and other params are reset to zero:
it remains reset after reopening the info window.

The picture that I observed when logged in. [img]http://lh5.ggpht.com/_OD6RA47OzUc/SvSCjtr6_UI/AAAAAAAADjI/gNatxgwGb6E/perpetuum-bug1.jpg[/img]
Rotating and zooming the camera didn't make the floor appear.


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mmmm.... fresh lewts....

yes, unable to login again

KopaszKole wrote:

Skill reduces cycle time. if i reember correct

Cycle time is reduced by bots bonuses and repairer tunings, and it is explicitly stated in their info. Also, reducing cycle time does not actually change effeciency.

I have Engineering -> Armor repair skill at lvl 2, which should give 10% bonus to armor repair efficiency. However, info of a fitted standard small armor repairer still shows repair amount 60hp (same as info of an unfitted repairer). Checked actual repair amount per cycle - it's also 60hp. In case "efficiency" means lower AP consumption, it still doesn't work with same symptoms.


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Just had a crash while cancelling buy orders from the "own adverts" window. I may only guess, because it's hard to reproduce this with long delay before an order can be cancelled.
I suspect that I did it too fast smile The reason may be that I issued second cancellation command before the first one completed.

oh lol I thought it's just me. but now I believe that the sell sound is really annoying smile


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My 5 cents about transaction logs: would be better if there was an entry in transaction log for every item sold/bought through my sell/buy order. Currently, for example, I see only deposit entry created when I set up a buy order.


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Personally I use select all function in more interesting way - e.g. when I need to move from cargo to private storage all items except my weapon charges, I press ctrl-A, then ctrl-click charges stack, then move selection to storage (an example from guess what game).
Anyway, more flexibility is better. As far as I remember, mouse wheel rotation event is still sent to a specific window, so you can send "select all" event to the same window. Just a guess, don't know the internals.

when you press the "cycle between targets" and you don't have an active target, the game crashes.


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I was billed 250k for creating a corp

When I remove armor hardener from my bot and equip mass reductor instead, the speed raises from approx. 51kph to 57 kph. When I swap mass reductor with hardener back, the speed is still shown as 57kph.
This seems like just a bug with equipment window, because if I undock after this, the speed near my robot picture is shown as 51kph, as expected.

I set up a buy order for 10 firearm guns. Then I opened market info for argano robot and left market window open. while it was open a couple of items was sold to my order, and the order instantly appeared in "demand" section of the market, while it was still showing supply/demand page for argano robot.
Oh, and guns didn't actually appear anywhere in my storages - cargo, private and corp storages. reopening storage window, choosing "refresh" from right-click meny and undocking/docking didn't help.

Another thing with extensions: cameleon bot info (which is a light robot) shows nuimqol robot piloting lvl2 as prereq., while info of nuimqol robot piloting extension description says that it enables light robots piloting at lvl1

Things I want:
- snapping of windows to game window borders/other windows when moving or resizing.
- stacking of windows, when any two windows can be moved into tabs in a single window

First, hi there and thanks for beta invite!

I've just created my first char and I noticed a small issue with extensions I have from the start.
I have Accumulator expansion lvl2 and reactor expansion lvl2, while accumulator expansion has reactor expansion lvl5 as prerequisite.

edit: the char is ICS, general military training, gnossman strategic and space research institute.