It's the same ammount. The difference is a faster cycle time for a greatly increased accum cost.


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My understanding that you will need to have both good standing and a refining skill of 10 to get 100% returns on refines. It is possible, though.

Yeah, I believe 18% is about right at level 6 with no standings (where my ind alt is at right now).

Blackomen wrote:
Bunkerkind Anni wrote:

nah, on another topic, devs already stated, that they will replace those extensions with other ones - then you have spent your points on that one.

That was in reference to industry skills being scrapped for the new system. Not sure about combat skills.

I do specifically recall Tracking being discussed in the replace/reimburse spent EP discussion at one point. I hate to quote or even paraphrase because I don't recall exactly what was stated, but the idea I got from the conversation was that if an extension was being removed and replaced with something else, an equivalent number of EP would be attributed to the extension replacing the old one. If an extension wasn't being replaced, then the EP should be refunded.

DEV Gargaj wrote:

I ain't removing this!!!1 yikes

Please don't!! All of us crazy people won't be able to talk to ourselves anymore!! lol

Amazing read!! A really good interview with some more insight into this small company.


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Bambi wrote:

In fact, i personnally really like how the shields work today, that is you have to manually toggle them to fire.
The only BIG problem with is the latency, maybe sync problem, there is with this system ...
   - First, time you have to wait between the moment you disable the shield, and the moment you can fire your weapons, is not fixed ... varies from 1 to 5 seconds. This maybe also be due to the shield cycle time? Shields should stop working as soon as you disable them.
   - Second, ypu have to wait your weapons HIT the target before activating the shield, or will result in zero damage. Take example of missiles, that can sometimes travel a few seconds before hitting their targets, plus double overall latency to sync with server ... this is sometimes 3 to 5 seconds you have to wait before enabling shields. That's too much.
Shields should be toggled on as soon as weapons fired.

I'm confused about your post. You like the way they work, but then say they need to work a bit differently? wink

I like your idea. It harkens back to the intermittent firing mechanism on centerline mounted machine guns on prop-driven aircraft: a cam on the engine fired the machine gun so the propeller wouldn't get torn to shreds by the gun. However, I think the server toggling the shields might be a bit problematic with latency and the number of calculations. There is already modifications for the "shield and weapon" systems in the works, though. If that doesn't work out, I have an idea that might make this work effectively, though.

I believe transportable teleporters have been discussed. I'm not sure what state they are in, though, or even if the plans are still in the works or have been scrapped.

I say this is a bug, not a feature request!!

However, given the malleable positions of plants on the surface, it does make it harder to assign a spot to players.

Styx wrote:

- You would also be able to give people access to specific folders, not just storage levels (This could be done for corporation storage too).

I think this definitely needs to be done for corp storage. 4 access levels just isn't enough control. (It annoys me in other games that have only a couple levels of storage control on guild access. Seen waaay too many guild rip-offs.)


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Um... change the planet visuals?

Are the transporters native to Nia? Maybe aircraft are obsolete because they're so dangerous to use and too easy of a target.

Remember: this isn't the layout of the land come live. it's a few islands for testing purposes. Who knows where they'll be at in relation to each other come launch?


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I recall in a discussion about custom colors and decals (corp logo for instance) was that the colors could be changed, but there was currently no method for customizing the decaling.

Not only do we need hardware configurations, it would help to know what kind of cooling you have in your system, card and case layout, fans, cabling, and all that fun stuff everyone tends to ignore.

Sounds like something for that 'virtual combat simulator' thingy... sounds like great fun, though!!

Aelali Mazeratti wrote:
Bunkerkind Anni wrote:

btw, this topic is not new - a few weeks ago there was the question:
why do missile bots have a shield bonus.

OFFTOP: Missiles don't use ap and heve low rof, so you can shoot, activate shield when you getting hit, deactivate, shoot again. Repeat until the sun go down.

Ideally, yes, but...

1. You can't fire until the shield completely drops. If you do, you deal no damage. (I'm not sure if this is due to server desync or a delay effect on the shield dropping as I didn't notice any damage dealt until the shield was completely down.)

2. If you put the shield back up before the missiles hit, you do no damage. This makes attempting to cycle the shield and fire nearly pointless unless you are taking no fire directly.


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Bunkerkind Anni wrote:

an extension-cost spreadsheet was already availiable from enigma.
(the site seems to be down)

whats harder to understand, is which extension bonus is linear, and which one has a built-in penalty.

like a weapon-extension with 3% more damage per rank will really give you 10*3%= 30% more damage on rank 10,

while the armor-rep-cycle extension with 3% less cycle time per rank will give you something like 3%^10 = ~26,26%

The site might be down for the planner, but the formula is in the forums somewhere. Also, there is some open source stuff available, too. (I forget who started the project.) The spreadsheet from Enigma requires newer version of Excel to use than I have (2000 and haven't seen the need to upgrade it). I might have a copy on my drive still.

Also, if I read into a post by one of the devs, don't expect the extension bonuses to necessarily be [bonus] * [level]. It could be something like (1 + [bonus] ) ^ [level]. (ie 1.03 ^ 6). I should have bookmarked that post. sad I know of at least one other game that uses exponential math in calculating bonuses and it runs levels from 1-20. As a note, the exponential math only gives a very slight bonus at 10 compared to multiplicative.

Bambi: When in windowed mode, if the window isn't maximized, you can resize it however you want. However, as Prinses says, make sure you don't lose any of your windows off-screen since they remain at a fixed x,y position instead of a relative position to a corner. (I believe the window goes to maximized by default.)

Zyllos, to answer your question on a 'reality' level about laser ammo: Our high end weapon-grade lasers all require charges of some sort to fire which are destroyed in the firing of the laser. Also, the optics don't last very long. Of course, these lasers tend to immediately vaporize whatever they contact causing explosions and all sorts of goodness.

Industrial grade lasers (on the scale of a several watts) don't need any sort of fueling, but they do need regular optics maintenance for the heavier duty ones. They are used for cutting, and depending on the material, it can be slow. (Lets put it this way: plasma cutters are still the preferred tool for cutting steel and other metals.)

I think the day will come when we develop a very high power laser system that won't need constant refueling, but who's to say that this other civilization is one that has done that yet?

Now, I know this is sci-fi. Any good sci-fi is going to be grounded in science facts, though. Otherwise, what's the difference between the sci-fi and wizards wiggling their fingers?

Bambi wrote:

This is plain stupid not to give testers ingame formulas ...
We know there is two trucks full of bugs on the forums, and we certainly miss a lot we could find if we had the correct ingame equations.

That's a slippery slope there. On the one hand, it makes it harder for the testers to root out bugs. On the other, having the formulas creates a power-gaming mentality that might discourage the testers from looking at all possibilities no matter how strange.

It would be nice to have them for release, but not necessary. It won't take long for them to be near accurate, anyway.

Gotcha. Now that I think about it, am I recalling some conversation a couple months back about it being a modeling issue, or am I thinking of something else?

Doesn't the amount of reactor and CPU consumed tell you that you can or can't fit an item to a mech? I know it'd make it a bit easier for new players with a visual cue, but it could lead to 'wrong thinking' about how the game should work.


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That's I know of there's no real pattern to it. some ores cover very large areas, others come up in little bands like a vein.

I think it's safe to say that, for now, this experiment was tried and failed miserably.

This is a known problem and the devs are trying their best to track it down. So far it appears to be a corruption in the main data file. The only two possible fixes right now are reinstalling or deleting the file so the client will redownload it. The file that needs to be deleted is the Perpetuum.gbf file. (Yes, this is an approximately 550 MB file. It's up to you to decide if it would be faster to uninstall, reinstall, and repatch.)

Just allow the players to set colors, maybe have it be a small cash sink.


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Great render job, guys!! You know we're going to steal those and plaster them everywhere, right? wink