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The Diplomat:
2) Basically, each time a corp wish to capture a base they will have to fill up the pool and after each successful defend they will get 1/10 of the pool. If someone don't wish to capture just take a part from the nic pool, they get 1/10 too. So lets say the pool is 10 NIC. If the pool is on 6 NIC, the next corp that wins the event it gets 1 NIC (for winning the event) and if they want to capture the outpost too, they have to pay 5 NIC to fill the pool up. If the owner defended it, he will get 1 NIC, and the pool will go down to 5 NIC.


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Update on the event:

I drew the map of the keep, so you can check it out and make some plans.


The goal is to eliminate all defenders in the keep.

A few things:

-Entrances to the keep is closed for 30 minutes before the event. I wish to make sure that no one goes in before smile Please note that as we all know from the previous event, these kind of quick blocks may not disappear when I remove them on the server side instantly: you may require a relog. (That's why they will be removed 30 minutes before the event)
-The entrances after that will still be guarded by some big npc guys, until the beginning of the event.
-Police towers will secure the entrance points.
-Every possible paths have been marked on the map. You can't get in from the north path.
-Southeast from the location, you can find Abbuthilia outpost.
-The Steep path is only accessible with the following robots: Yagel, Cameleon, Prometheus, Intakt, Waspish. Only these guys have the slope capability.
-The steep path is guarded by limited number of Yagels. It can  be tough to take them out, but they will only spawn for few times. After that, the entrance to the steep path will be unprotected.

As far as I know, if you reach 100% in all bonuses (which, isn't possible, because relation limit is 60%) then you would get the same material costs (like in production) as it's described in the item's info.

Yes this is pretty misleading information, but we couldn't deal with it other way when we created it. I hope that we can redesign this interface(at least the percentage stuff) in the close future.

Yes, many assigments need a rebalance.
From time to time I try to modify a few things: I will focus on modifying these mission first then.

I made some test, to see how relations modify the material requirements.

Prototyping facility II - (Daoden) - Material-Time efficiency: 50%
Crafting Prometheus ---------> Relation: 0% - Relation 10% - Relation 20%
Titanium------------------------> 19231--------> 18750-------->18269
Isopropentol-------------------> 6923 ---------> 6750--------->6577
Metachriopin-------------------> 3077 ---------> 3000--------->2923
Damaged common fragment>154 -----------> 150---------->146
Damaged thelodica fragment->154 -----------> 150---------->146

I hope this helps! smile

Also: I sense some problems with refinery. Investigating.


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Hello there, dear players!

I was recently informed by some pirates, that there will be an event, for every dear player.


General event guidelines and info.

- All bots/equipment/etc. lost in the event "WILL BE REPLACED" at the end by a GM/DEV.

- The goal will be to intercept and destroy the heavy mech transporting the recovered alien technology.
The first person to get the killing blow wins the event. (According to combat logs.) The security escort
"DOES NOT" have to be destroyed to win.

- The convoy will follow a narrow straight line to the objective, only moving off that line when engaged.

- The convoy is expected to move at a moderate pace in order to keep the delicate technology safe.

- Due to the sensative nature of the technology being transported, the convoy will be unable to use inter-island

-1 Heavy Mech will be awarded to the person who lands the killing blow on the VIP. Another Heavy Mech will be awarded to the CEO of the corporation that contributed the most to killing the VIP. 10 standard fully fit Mechs will be awarded after the event to individuals that do well. All winners will be able to chose what Mechs/Heavy Mechs they desire.

The date for this event is 2010.06.27, GMT 1930. GMs will spectate this event, and make sure that every robot loss is reimbursed.


- The convoy will assemble at Moyar outpost. They will then set off to Koyokili Shoto II Station taking the shortest route possible.

We will limit the use of range extenders in the next patch in such a way, that range above 1km won't be reachable.

Great work, fantastic tool for the players! wink


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Noted, next patch.

I found the bug meanwhile too.
Auch. smile Thanks for reporting!

I couldn't reproduce the bug. Could you give us a bit more detail? Exactly which item did you tried to sell?

Couldn't this bug relate to high latency? (torrenting or anything else?) - So, can you always reproduce the bug?


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Bounty Hunting mission type isn't equal to Special Bounty Hunting.
That thing is only require you to shoot down 2 npcs, although its always a very tough combo. But only 2 of them, not five or more.
Special Bounty Hunting Missions are accessible above Confidentiality level 1. (atleast lev2, which is 1.00 standing with a corp)

About the npcs: Yes, we working on an AI version, that will have energy and will not be able to use anything forever... also it will be drainable/neutralizable. When? It will require a few months until we get to a really nice version AI.

I moved the location of the mission to a bit away from the npc flock. Next patch.


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Effects will get balanced in the next patch. Lets just say, when we created these new groups, We aimed at squad encounters. smile Bring your buddy to the fight yarr

If you want to do something alone because you bored at high level: look for missions with "Special Bounty Hunting" tag cool

Posted by Xeliam:

Mission name -> "Premortem" / File #2
The base/outpost's name where the missions starts from -> Truhold-Markson Alpha Terminal
Description of the problem.
Had a Pelistal Drone follow me all the way out to the mining spot, supposedly they aren't supposed to be that smart.
Edit: Their spawn point is about 500 away from the mining point.
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Npcs has a chance, that they will follow you to the end of the world. (random chance) Its just a simple thing that prevents players from having a really easy fight, where they can always escape. smile

I must say that I suppose you skipped an important step of mining: scanning the area.

Yes theres no material in the center of the marked area. But it does not mean theres no material in the marked area at all.

Please scan the area, to get details on where are the materials exactly. smile

Found the problem with the ain't disappearing mission items, working on it.

About the mission items keep dropping:
http://forums.perpetuum-online.com/topi … drops-bug/


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Indeed, thank you for the fast response Blackomen.

This problem will be fixed in a quickpatch.
We were unable to decide how to solve this problem, but at moment we can't create a mission-loot relation system. So basically: Yes, every mission item will be dropped either you have, or you don't have the mission.

We will give npc Buyorders or Recycle option to make sure its not just trash if you ain't doing the mission.


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The thing is, that the client does not receive such informations from the server, as how fast that thing he follows. Because of that, whenever you follow someone, who's slower then you, the client will automatically go and reduce the distance to Zero, and then if there's distance again (because the target moved) he will follow it again. Basically that's what happens, and because it happens so fast, it looks like lagging.

We know that this control option isn't the best at moment, it's still not priority because the job's done, although in this case looks bizarre. We will update this feature later.

Hmm, I understand your point of view.
The main problem was, that when you fitted up an armor, your hp went to (Maxhp-The extra hp) you just earned. So basically, When you fitted up an armor, it felt like you lost hp. The patch tries to solve this problem... Yes, it gives a nice cheat to quick repair yourself, but this is something that we can't currently solve atmoment in anyway...(the fact that you can dock out and repair yourself, so escaping standard repairing procedure) And I think it does not really matter, that you have to repair 500 or 1k, because you was able to do the thing before, it only taken a bit more time. And if you have the luxury of a safe dock out, then you always do it. Repair mainly aims at module repairing now because of that. hmm

Can you please tell us the Zone and the coordinate?
And the npc's name too please!

Thank you very much! smile

Yes indeed, thank you for reporting! smile


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As the new patch includes many missions, we would require a bit formal bug report on any problem that you encounter, during doing assignments. Here's an example of a really nice bug report, which includes all the necessary information that allows us to quickly find out what missions is the subject of the bug report, and where should we look first.

Please look for a topic about the problematic mission, if theres no such, create one!


Mission name -> "Persepolis" / File #2
Your standing level to the corporation that gives you the mission -> +0.05
The base/outpost's name where the missions starts from -> Truhold-Markson Alpha Terminal

Description of the problem.

You can determinate your standing level by checking
Agent Profile->Relations->Corporation Standings.

Types of bug that you can encounter:

  • The delivery mission doesn't gives (enough?) mission items.

  • The npcs at the marked area doesn't drop mission items.

  • There's no material under the marked area. (mining mission)

  • Can't find a path to the marked area (make sure you checked not only a few possibility, some paths can be tricky to find.

  • The marked area includes different/no npcs that the mission require to shoot down.

Few things that I can reply at moment:

It says in terminal too but not which terminal, it would also be nice if it said which island and terminal it was.

Great idea, next patch.

Character attribute bonus by activity: The idea is good, although we have some other activity-reward thing in mind too.

Corp management vs Skills: Actually, this one is a pretty decent idea. Will discuss with the devs.

Map: Yes this is indeed required thing. (squad members ofc, im not sure about field containers.) As far as I know, we have squadmembers on map in plan, but no idea about ETA.

Search: This is a very complex thing you require. Npc search is a no go I guess, but teleport and base search should be possible I guess. (with opening the map in the center of the location) I ask the guys how hard it would be. smile

Deploy: ehm, thats our loading screen. There's no loading: just getting the required informations.

Market: Syntechs will not be feeded, they are the lowest level items of the game. (nearly unusable if you correlate it to standard items. Much lower efficiency. Basically Syntech is the starter gear, which you have to quickly upgrade.

In the end, I must say that this post gave me lots of thinking. Thank you very much, and sorry for the late response.

Great ideas, will answer to every idea tomorrow.