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The whole thread is bollocks anyway..its Beta for gods sake,, we are here by the grace of god just to test, they can change it anyway they want.. well till we start paying that is.


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Tut tut you should not make assumptions PvE is my bag baby. I am a mission runner was in Eve will be here.

After a remarkably easy and fast download and a trouble free installation, something you cannot always take for granted even with a full game never mind a beta, i found the avatar/character creation a lot of fun and spent a good few minutes attempting to create a truly ugly face.
Since this is a beta and can expect full wipe at the end i made no effort to fine tune or even read the set up instructions i just went for a full on military spec, wanting to get straight into the game and start trashing some mech's. I then spent a confused 30 minutes trying to work out how everything works, actually losing my first mech because i could not target or fire my weapons, it only became clear when i realised a lot of the mechanics are very much like those on Eve,  once over that hurdle everything became a lot more fun. You can very quickly upgrade your starting equipment from drops, though i tended to find i ran out of ammo very quickly and as in Eve making your own is going to become a necessity. 
All in all i had a fun few hours play and can see it beeing a winner, the only gripe i have and its a very small gripe is that the enviroment is very EQ, kinda blocky and lacking in detail and thats running my graphics on the highest settings.