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Instead of a pointless rant you could have asked kindly if somebody could sport you an assault bot. At least we learned who not to recruit.


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Ulviirala wrote:

Maybe games were you have to go through a development phase of your character ain't games for you v0v

EP wont make you win the game and they wont buy you any relationship with other players. It's nice that you showed us quite clearly that you are not interested in relationship building. We will remove you from the list.

Gankster wrote:

Its only beta and I work a lot so I have to make cash somehow.

So you are testing if the all so popular justification that all cheaters use is working in perpetuum too? How cute.

Is there a pattern in the recolouring?

You might want to think about to support mumbles positional audio. It's quite cool if you got 3d head phones and not hard to implement.


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This hook is tempting.


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Gankster wrote:

Its a *** BETA you sniveling little worm, get over yourself. You have an advantage now because you got in the beta early and accrued a ton of EP, but when the slate is clean at launch and everyone is on a level playing field, all the people you pissed off are gonna be gunning for you.

Where you one of those that lost their noob ships to true -10 m0o members right after your first time undock?


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I prefere to learn from mistakes of others instead of repeating them. And I do know a game that allowed to carry over char names, even when those chars where stipped of anything else.

Anyway ...

/me puts "Ironclad" on his List Of Names.


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DEV Alf wrote:

Yes there will be full character wipe

You might end up with a pile of petitions if you allow everybody to pick names that where used in beta.

Volthar wrote:

The modules you need for PvP testing are relatively expensive. Things like armor hardeners, ECM modules, etc. Even if the mech were free I'd probably still end up losing 1/2 a mil with every death.

Perpetuum is not a single player game.

Futures (that's the technical term) are a tricky matter. Esp. in an online game, where players can leave the market as they please (go play a different game).

You therefore can't ask a trader that wants to issue futures for a deposit. In exchanges this issue is adressed by restricting this kind of market to folks with high credibility (read: they are sick rich to start with). As you can't do that in a game either because it would be unfair to players that join late, you end up with an open futures market.

I as a well known griefer would strongly welcome such a move. Driven a market insane without any capital to start with sounds a lot of fun.

At least you can be sure that your government didn't spend the money they didn't had on stuff that would have been usefull. :->

I have to apologise for not writing what I ment. If there is a full wipe at the end of the beta, ppl will take names (with and without malicious intend) effectively impersonation other players.

For instance, I could learn that you made friends with somebody while beta, create a char with the name you used in beta and lend some money from him when the game goes live.

I would not want to be GM in that situation.

How about the ultimate NIC sink? You can buy 256 EP for 1M NIC and that price doubles per run.

dex@dexhome:~/projekte/perl6$ echo 'for (1E6, 2E6,  *+* ... *)[0..10] Z (256, 512, *+* ...*)[0..10] -> $nic, $ep { say "$nic for $ep" }' | /usr/local/bin/perl6
> 1000000 for 256
2000000 for 512
3000000 for 768
5000000 for 1280
8000000 for 2048
13000000 for 3328
21000000 for 5376
34000000 for 8704
55000000 for 14080
89000000 for 22784
144000000 for 36864

If 144M NIC for 36k EP (both is summed up) is to low simply raise the exponent.

A new player could get that missing few EP to get the fitting extention for that last offline gun _without_ logging off and waiting until tomorrow. You get an incentive for providing a target to others (have the station where you can buy EP in PvP area or something) and playing the game. And not so new players could have a nice way to burn excess NIC when they resub for that new, exciting and awesome expansion. You can help young corpy or a buddy of yours to get into gears a bit faster.

As a side effect it would help with inflation, both by monitoring it (and any exploit that creates NIC directely or indirectly) and with keeping it down a bit. That's where the risk is too because there is no NIC cap but an EP cap. So in case of a hyper inflation everybody will hit maxed out extentions fairly quickly.

That's why it might not be a good idea. (I just wanted to show off with my leet perl6 skills anyways. smile

XCaliber wrote:

Since this is a beta and can expect full wipe at the end

Let me write your char name down. You use them name in other games too? Even better.

Ohh, and Siddy is on the list too. Nothing better then to grief a griefer.

Please keep in mind that the bordom is giving money it's value. If money is to easy ppl start using SoJs or any other item that is small and got a fairly low drop chance.

Making earning money fun is the last you want to do in a player driven economy that is using an exchange like market place. (I would like market places over exchanges tho. Market places mean marketeers that can be robbed.)

Ohh, and you want to make insured bots unrefinable (as a lasting effect) or the ratio between refining and insurance payout will be the lower margin for mineral prices.


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In the Char creation the player has to make quite a lot choices. Yet a new player can not know what all those skills ... pardon me ... extensions do. Is that intentional?


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Corps compete with other corps over players. Any good Corp will support new players.

If a noob preferes to go solo, well good luck to him.