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California....you lying bastard, Kwitch!

Just blame your Daily dose of 1 litre of Beer Ushima big_smile


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Gotta LOL at the reply too. Jeez Thanto, know what you're talking about before you make a post!....

...Oh wait...

To be honest, I dont like games where people that get money off the governement can get ahead of me because they want to spend more coin. Im not a fan of ItemMall bussiness models at all. Flat fee, up front, you know what you get and you know that everyone else is getting the same.

Of course you can say something similar about people playing 12 hours a day imbalanced comparing to those that can only play 1-2. But there is no agreeable method to control that factor, so it's a void argument in my eyes.

ps apologies for not being a decider (dev I assume?) , but I thought Id put my 2cents in.


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Neoxx wrote:

I do market stuff part time (10 sells, 5 buys) and I can make that easy without much time put into it.

I take it you're the cretin who wants the boat-load of titan ore at 0.3 nic per. You make baby Jesus cry sad


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It's my Beta Testing handle. Glorion is my live handle big_smile


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Selling 10-20M titan ore. Im not desperate for a sale, I want to see what I can get, and if anyone is keen for such an amount. Let me know in here, or contact me in game.



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Been with DXM for near on 2 weeks now. Good bunch of lads, covering all timezones. There is someone always on it seems. And we dont mind to answer any questions that new people might have....goodness knows ive asked a fair share of them. big_smile


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Yeah Im with Trancendence - DXM now. Seem like a good crowd. People on across all timezones, help each other out, all the good stuff you like to find in a new home big_smile


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It seems that for a Closed Beta, a certain amount of pro-activness is required but the user. Which is quite understandable. Things like checking out Grem's youtube vids (which helped me alot, thankyou!) are almost required for a new person to the game. Like I said, people in CB are normally pro-active and will seek out stuff like this. However, come release or even OB, in my experience, the masses will react differently.

At the end of the day it's up to the devs (and somewhat, the community) to work out what they want in the game. Something that caters to the masses, or is only for the hardcore, or somewhere in between.


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Awesome, glad you took the time to reply. I've just thrown my App. in for the first part of the process, I believe I need to wait for Moderater verification in order to complete step 2. So will wait for that. Then I'll chuck an app in game as well.

Are all your members expected to be on TS3 whilst playing? Have no issue, Ive ever only used Vent and Mumble though.


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I normally dont do this as I often think the players should search out the clans/agencies/corps themselves. However, this game has me so inundated with information, so I am using this as a time saver!

Anywho, I am from a multi-gaming Oceanic clan, known as Harlequin, and have played many different MMOs ranging from DFO, MO beta, GA, FE, however I never played Eve!

I dont believe my clan has expressed enough interest in Perpetuum (many focusing on MO) to warrant starting a new Corp. So a handful may come in, and it is for them and I that I am searching a new home.

Basically, I play with 300+ ping (Australian), but this doesnt deter me as I wish to fulfil the role of gather/crafter. I have had a few in game hours, and dont know much more than that. Been watching Gremrod's youtube vids though smile

Are there any Corps. out there searching for an active, competitive gamer, albeit new to this game, that is willing to put the hard yards in should I choose to remain for release?