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EDIT: Ill elaborate, I have 4k Alligior right now, the mats for a further 5k if someone were to refine, and another day or two will have the mats for a further 20-25k.


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Selling Alligior for 2500 per. Any interest please reply here, or catch me online under the names, Gloryhole, Glory.


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Yeah BKK Anni, I have been asking my corp for nearly 2 weeks or so about suppyling me with exactly those three NEXUS mods (mining, recharge, indy). But wwe have only got the Recharge. Do you lads have any of the others, because I have been so keen to test out how much more efficiency I can get. I'm basically after the most efficient way to mine in an hour with my current set-up, and to test other set-ups.


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"Alexander MkII wrote:

Sequer + Nexus Modules + Riviler full of tunings = profit.

Gloryhole wrote:

but there are plans in the works to up the efficiency via a few methods.

Trust me, Im just waiting for someone to make me the NEXUS mods then im going to sink 26k EP into my Sequer toon.

BKK Anni, that sounds like a good idea, however, would most likely require the Sequer to be constantly near the Miner-bot, if it were to go drop off the ores, and the miner-bot's accu became unstable, it would interrupt the process. However, it would be good to try and work out the "perfect" kit to equip your Seq with so you would get the most efficiency out of it. Also, requires ext in my Termis which I cant afford till I have my riveler with 5 t4 miners, and stable!

EDIT: I think it takes me around 45 mins to fill up with HDT or so.


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Yeah, but I'm attempting to make my hauler work for me whilst it sits next to me. I already have plans for it to increase my mining production quite significantly. 1x Small mining module actually increased my efficiency by ~8-10% in the time that it was mining next to my Termis. Sounds small, but there are plans in the works to up the efficiency via a few methods. And an increase in 8-10% works well when mining for hours on end.


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Yeah cheers for that Neoxx.

Im going to have to agree with Stier on what he said though as well.


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I didnt realise there were slot sizes...

Lol I realise what its designed for, Im a week off my riveler, and I was thinking about trying to up my mineral extraction, looks like it will have to be a t4 miner mod instead.


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Apologies if this is an incorrect assumption. Of course if it has been mentioned prior to this, Neoxx will soon tell me lol

But..The sequer is supposed to have an "Industrial Slot." If I look at the parameters of the Standard Medium Mining Module, it says the Module is also an "Industrial Slot." SO the million dollar question is...why wont it fit onto my Sequer? Bug or intended and misinformed?

I was thinking the exact same thing Scarba.

For the OP though, Mechanus Academy (MECHA) has recently been established. It is a corp for new people, and people who are not sure where to go in the game. We provide a starter package for each person, depending on what they enjoy in the game. We aim to inform and help the average new-player in becoming self sufficient.

We have had quite a few intakes recently, and the corp channel seems to buzz quite frequently with plenty of questions and answers. So if you are keen, you can talk to me in game on anyone of my alts; Glory, Glorify, Gloryhole, or contact Cycominer if you see him on.


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I'd close this thread.


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Gambizzle wrote:

i prefeared C&C aswell, but after generals the franchise went down the man, the usual mainstream ea game approch, and misses the thing that made the games popular in the first place

Missing stuff like this???



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You also told me in the other thread that what I saw were Dev/Gm alts, yet that wasnt the case. So forgive me if I sometimes don't take your word for the truth considering you give off the impression that all you want to do is post in every single thread that you possibly can.


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How do we know if its known or not, I just ran a search with keyword NEXUS and it came up with 3 topics located in the "BUGS" section of the forum, none of which verified this was a known issue.


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Sweet as mate, just wanted to give as much Information as I could to be any assistance. In future if we notice things like this what is your preferred protocol?


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I thought it was an arkhe, but honestly the thing zoomed by. There really isnt much players speculating can do though sad   Just posted this to keep the game's community solemn and innocent.


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Well I talked to one and the conversation went like this...

<me> Hey dude are you there??
<HGHG> Yeah
<me> Are you lagging or something???
<HGHG> Yeah dude my ping is like 2000

Now if I was a hacker, first of all I would claim ping to be what was causing everyone that saw me to be zooming across the screen. Hence why I asked him that. As I know full well that in my experience a high ping does not cause your avatar to behave like that.

So I would probably have a better frame of mind knowing that a dev/gm has seen this, then can verify whether or not this was one of them. If so, why would a Dev/GM tell me he was lagging and yet still travelling so quickly?


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Haha, I play with no sound anyways, didnt even know there was an annoying noise for being targeted big_smile


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Update, Copr mate, Xelium has just spotted another account by the name of "ggh" doing the same thing. Close to the original "hghg" that I saw. I wasnt going to post the names, but names like these are very suspect themselves, and will hopefully get a dev to look into them quicker. Both accounts were also not in the Help channel.

I might not ov been clear enough in the OP, these guys dont move forward then backward, like you do Kwitch, they leap, quick enough that when HGHG went past me, I had about 4-5 seconds to catch his name (on my scanner).


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Ok Im not too certain, but better safe than sorry. Wasnt sure where to put this, but today a corp mate spotted a bloke leaping across his screen, about 20 minutes later I noticed the same. Different people, but both accounts were fresh 0.00 times. Im not going to post the name unless a GM asks, but what is the protocol for this. I admit, I know nothing about hacking, or doing anything like that, but this did not seem like lag. I myself, can lag quite alot, and I have seen Kwitch try to travel long distances (quite funny to watch), and in both cases, you dont get from point A to B as quickly as this guy was.

Happened near the Fort Dennerth 1. Station

Time Stamp:
2211 - 08 - 02   


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Ohhhh, an In joke..Lol I wasnt sure if there was sarcasm floating around or what...


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Yeah Devs, how silly of you guys to perform "experiments" in a Closed Beta...

Oh wait...

At the end of the day, we are TESTING this game people, give your feedback after you have tested a change, not by theorycrafting on how you personally got butt-fu**ed. After this has been implemented for a while, Im sure the devs will like to listen to the communities thoughts, but any sooner and it's just whinging because you believe you got short changed in a CB!


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I didnt find it that funny, is something wrong with me? sad

For starters, who was it? Did you say anything after they started doing it??

I agree with your fundamental argument/s. Personally, it is variety and endless opportunites that draw me in and keep me coming back for more. Homogenisation ("cookie-cutter") kills the joy out of games. It also gives players a tunnel-vision mindset that will always limit imagination and creativity.

...Ive gotta bundy to a mate's joint, but I wanted to put forward my support..I also hope these ideas get conveyed, and broken down further so that all can understand. There really shouldnt be an opposition to these ideas, but we shall see.


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California....you lying bastard, Kwitch!