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I got none, Im sure if there was one everyone agreed upon it would be in by now. Not the easist thing to do, and many games struggle with it.


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Least all this Dramma keeps me entertained untill the next patch



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I agree. Most people know that I am a miner, and theres nothing more I enjoy than seeing corpmates and friends light up, when I can loan the a large amount of minerals so they can get their lines going. There has been an increase in activity by the industrialists in my corp, and its refreshing to see. People log on with goals, to create bots to feed into the market, and in doing so, make a pretty penny.

Since the npc seeds have stopped, I have witnessed my own corp working more efficiently together, and it is imo an all round more enjoyable experience.


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Umm Shadey, contact me in game, if you need a Heavy mech, I can hook you up with 1 or 10. If you got the cash to pay of course. As for mechs, there are plenty of dealers in the game. Use some inititive and contact one.

*edit* Deleted post quote. - DEV Zoom

I'm mining on beta islands. I'd venture out if I had any need to, and had the players to come with me. Call me bias, but I wouldnt mind a +extra mining on beta islands but then again, Im always there, just inside police zones as Blackoman can attest to lol  (Anna Valerious I believe?)

I've got nothing. The clear and incessent denial that there is a different play-style to your own is getting me no-where. Clearly everyone is the same, thus wants the same thing in your views.

"LatscherX wrote:

You try to setup a artificial category for your reasoning which is beyond reality.

"Beyond reality", this makes no sense whatsoever to me. The reality is, players consider themselves as PvEers, whether you refuse to hold that the concept of "being a PvEer in a sandbox is impossible" or not, its irrelevent. I simply tried to break down the 2 arguments that splits the community, yet you both enagage in an argument of semantics, and sometimes Siddy, I really dont know what you are saying.

EDIT: Thankyou mr. "Lame Dev." I was starting to doubt my ability to express my oppinion!

Siddy wrote:

Glory, you make first mistake when you take a stance:

People with guns and use it on other players = PVPers
People with miners = PVEers
People with guns and use it on npc's = PVEers

This is 100% true in any system where PVP is 100% consensual. Guild ward is a good example of quasi MMO that has the PVE and PVP part of the game WELL serpparetd.

In sandbox however, above statment is 100% falce. This is because the nature of economy, how it works against player and what you must do to be on top of foodchain in it.

I give up. I tried to be helpful but apparently you do not want to or aren't capable to state your points clearly.

This is how im feeling too. I'll give it one more attempt to see if it sinks in. Someone who argues semantics and not in the problem at hand is a waste of time to deal with...Ill bold the parts to try and help though Siddy.

Glory wrote:

Siddy if you want to argue semantics, then yes, fundamentally everyone in the game has the potential to PvP. However, by classing two groups as "pve" and "pvp" I am aiming to specifically meet the "wants and needs" of each group of player, that feel they belong more strongly to said group/s. I assure you I am not trolling one bit.

Now to explain the bold. Yes everyone is essentially a pvper. However, it's really unimportant for this argument. For the sake of arguing about police zones, two archeotypes have been formed. The PvPer and the PvEer. Each group want different thing, but must co-exist in the world as this is essentially beneficial to both parties. By identifying each Archeotype, we are able to accurately assess the views of different play-styles.

LatscherX wrote:

Who? The ones who want to minimize risk - ergo: risk vs reward.

Dont blame me for calling a spade a spade. To be quite frank, I am sincerely hoping that there will be times in this game when 2 corps are actively fighting over a hot-spot for resources, and each corp has an army of mining bots, sitting right in the middle of a massive battle. With smaller bots running between the miners and the fighters of their own corp, boosting their armour. Each miner trying desperately to extract the precious resource, and to GTFO when the site is drained. And making sure the convoy of sequers that are transporting the goods isnt ambushed whilst on the way to the terminal to drop off the precious goods. (Ok, it sounds alot better in my head..).

MadGelo wrote:

ts pritty simple
PVP part of the game is a must, becuase thats what drives the economy in games like this ( Steve comes to mind)
if you would allow people to be able to manufacture anything they want without slightest risk, game would be fun for economy people for awhile, untill the inflation hits. Because PVP limited to people who are just bored or wanna do it for fun (m2S) doesnt generate enough NIC sink.
that is why you have to make PVP zones very atractive to Econemy people who would then supply PVP people to fight for the zone that provides them with riches they want to build their empire.

Imagine if Steve didnt have 0.0

I missed the part where I disagreed with any of this. In fact, I pretty much said this when i said PvPers need PvEers and vice versa...My point is, simply taking down the police zones would do nothing for the PvPers in the current game we play. A ghost-town would ensue. How do i know this? Well on the island of Geingrosh, some of you have found me mining away safely in the police zones, I aint going outside without a decent escort. Who is going to come out on an ops in a CB, and spend 3-4 hours guarding me whilst I mine away outside of a police zone? Ergo the reasoning behind the ghost town.

Siddy if you want to argue semantics, then yes, fundamentally everyone in the game has the potential to PvP. However, by classing two groups as "pve" and "pvp" I am aiming to specifically meet the "wants and needs" of each group of player, that feel they belong more strongly to said group/s. I assure you I am not trolling one bit.


LatscherX wrote:

In primary school you learn that this is a paradoxon

Wtf Primary school did you go to? Jeez.


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Siddy wrote:

Like i sed, you have Classic pixiebasher mmo standards imported in to sandbox mmo.
Statment like "You PvPers need us PvErs and we need you" is more than enought of proof that you have no clue what i am talking abut.

Ahh, picking one aspect of my argument, then bashing it with not facts, but your oppinion. You sir, are classy.

I bolded it this time so you may see it.

You take down police zones on the beta islands, and in the current state of the game, are inviting a ghost town.


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Siddy the sandbox concept doesnt specifically mean pvp like you seem to think it does. Its an open-ended world where you gain the ability to do many things going in a non-linear direction. Essentially, you can go into more detail, but Im attempting to be brief.

You could have a sandbox that punished you heavily for pvp (so heavy that noone partook in it) and it would still be a sandbox. All because the options are available.

@Madgelo, Trolling accomplishes nothing. Addressing and refuting Maynard's points on the other hand, does. So from a outsiders perspective, you look like a spoilt brat who can not form a valid argument (although I know that is certainly not the truth).

Siddy, the truth of the matter is. You PvPers need us PvErs and we need you. You take down police zones on the beta islands, and in the current state of the game, are inviting a ghost town.

Yeah I am eagerly awaiting the next patch to see if anything is changed. I assume it will be anywhere between 1-5 days away, so not too much now! Hopefully we can end some of the speculation and test out the changes. Cause thats all we can really do now...speculate.


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Also, a F2P model would more than likely be the end of any chance of an economy ever happening. People would create multiple accounts and become somewhat self sufficient. I know its been mentioned that paying customers would get faster EP gains, however, in order to be f2p the non-paying customer needs to believe they can compete on some level, so the EP gains wont be so bad that they scare them off.

Neoxx wrote:


Wasnt under the impression I needed to cite ideas on a gaming forum. In fact, the majority of your reply to me was extremely redundant. If you want, yours is bigger. Now can we aim for meaningful posts? Or must you strive for a greater epeen with everyone that 'walks' these here forums. I have relinquished to your superiority, now move on to other targets! lol

Maynard Benaui wrote:

Can you elaborate why it wouldn't work in current system?

Well, there really isnt any incentive to mine outside of police fields unless you are getting Epriton. And most people who mine Epriton, wont leave a large amount of it in a can out in the areas where PvPers can chance upon you. They will 9 times out of 10 have an alt sequer constantly carting it to storage (or a corp-mate). It's been dicussed oh so many times, but mineral dispersion needs to be re-done in my oppinion.

Can you honestly see it working though, Maynard? Population might be something to consider as well. I just dont see pvp skirmishes over a can actually happening in the game's current situation.


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Kasseopea wrote:

You should also think about all the competitors - noone will subscribe for 4-5 games, so you have to drag ppls from other p2p games, and atm is eve better.

I never played stEve myself, however, most people I hear talking about it say they long on to "do their skills" or something like that, and thats about it. I am thinking that the most likely thing to happen is that many people who enjoy stEve will come across to Perpetuum, to give it a test-drive, and see if it gives the player a breath of fresh air.

I tend to believe the Open Beta will help/hurt the game. It is then when many people will come along, with shortened attention spans, and see whether they like the game or not. The devs really need to sell their game during this time, so a pre-mature Open Beta could prove detrimental.

ps LoL is the castrated version of DotA.

Neoxx wrote:

Then with that I also would suggest NPC loot cans never despawning until they are fully looted, and they never become public.

I assume you are being facetious, but Ive always thought the NPCs turning into cans a bit of a weird system. Flaming wrecks would be better suited, however you run into the idea of "anyone should be able to loot a flaming wreck." It could be countered via flagging the culprit, but this concept has its own flaws.

My point is, NPC cans are not bought on the market for self-storage use devices like that of which miners purchase. I believe comparing the two is inappropriate, and wont get us anywhere.

Maynard Benaui wrote:

That way you create incentives for miners to come to outer islands because in case of getting hunted down, the time spent mining will not be lost.

I like this idea, the thought of pvp battles, inspired by the retrieval of minerals sounds good. I dont think it would work in the current system too well, so maybe it would take some changes to the game to be more plausible.

I like the sound of this as well, as some people (such as myself, play without sound and rather rely on visual cues, that auditory). Having something like this would enhance my own situationa awareness somewhat.


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Im currently looking for the NEXUS mods of Fast Extractor and Industry. If anyone is looking to sell, please contact me in game on Gloryhole. Standard, or named, doesnt bother me.


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Siddy wrote:

M2S is one of the few corps that actualy uses heavy mechs and give them to they pvp members for free, trolololol

But then you have to be in M2S..

And I dont think so LatscherX, we have quite a decent storage of Hmechs, and the ability to make many more should we need to. As well as a small core of players that can pilot them.


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Nevermind, sold!


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Maynard Benaui wrote:

Thank you for bringing us the exciting news from EVE Online but it is completely irrelevant.

GM trolling hard...

I think alot of your posts are well thoughtout and coherrent, however, some of them seem to be butthurt about the GMs..

All Gremrod did was correct you, because you posted misinformation...


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LatscherX  wrote:

pizza hut is fail. Original italian pizza at a local restaurant in italy ftw.

I thought so too. Then I actually tried some, and was sorely dissapointed sad

'"LatscherX" wrote:

Its a sandbox game and its up to everyone to find it out by themselves.

I tend to believe that sandbox games work alot better once everyone understands the rudimentaries of the game. If you feel proud about beating someone that doesnt understand the fundamentals of the game, then thats depressing. Its well-known the current tutorial needs a-hulluva lot more polish and content. Let new people understand the basics of the game first, then push them out into the sandbox.

I, for one, would rather a well educated starting population that didnt have to heavily rely on the help channel.

My thoughts would be to also include "Harvest a plant." Although pretty much the same process as mining, sometimes the new player will overlook the fact that there are plants (I know I did). Informing the new player about universal charges and plants etc. Also, I read somewhere that it is profitable to leave 10 or so units on the plant so that it could grow back faster. If this is true, a line such as "...and if you want to continue harvesting this area, make sure you dont completely clear all the plants out!..." or something like that. Hints that help the new player understand mechanics, not always spoonfeeding.

Or you saw Kwitch as the OP and tried to take a dig and failed. But of course, your word is the truth, so I shall take you on it...

ps, sarcasm doesnt read well on teh interwebz ='(

Umm I could be wrong, but LatscherX just told the OP to stop posting "ideas that have been said before" giving the example of a thread that came AFTER the OP...

EDIT: Beat me! But fail LatscherX...