Ah yes interesting, this only happens if you have the options window opened at some point while you're windowed, if you're using the tickboxes there to window rather than using alt+enter for instance.

However once the game is maximized again, as soon as I open the options window it clicks back to my custom setting and the screen darkens without me even having to accept or anything.

This is odd because I know at one point before I was having to manually reset the slider every time I switched modes, which would be impossible given how it works now... :confused:

Yes, obviously you can't set gamma in windowed mode -.-

The bug is that when you return to fullscreen mode your gamma setting does not reset itself to its pre-windowed value, but always returns to 1.0 - annoying when you're jumping between fullscreen and windowed mode but need a gamma adjustment on the game to make it look okay.


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Yes heaven forbid the *corp* should look bad, never mind about the corp members though, hang them out to dry whenever it suits you best.


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Hmm yes, as a CEO you'll have to do a bit better than humiliating your corp members and *then* offering to talk about it. As I recall both you and Stier found the incident quite amusing at the time, all this PR nonsense is a little false I think.


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Thankyou so much for your leadership there gambit. I too being a new player was unaware that this was 'against the rules', but I think you handled it superbly by flaming my post in large green letters without discussing the matter with me first. Bravo sir.

Yeah I've already updated that, thanks for the heads up though.

Yep similar thing with containers, would love to see them on the main window but not in the landmarks, annoying to miss clicking on the enemy you want to lock because you're moving and a container has taken his place in the list.

I was watching the Arkhe battle royale tonight, and it appears that you can use a remote armor repairer on someone who's PvP flagged without being flagged yourself. Is this working as intended?


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lol @ Saddy smile Funny how when you use this game mechanic to your advantage it's "sandbox play", but when someone else does it it's "broken".


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Still, logic would dictate that in that situation if someone you have in a demob (as in the situation above) stops moving or responding to you for a full minute after you've made your ransom demand, you might think something was up. Silly Siddy wink


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For your entertainment, please find below the first in an installment of amusing M2S moments.

The exchange below happened just shortly after Siddy ballsed up a ransom attempt on a new player. Silly Siddy!


I'm pretty sure the answer to that is no, at least if you're talking about pure NIC. If you're talking commodities for manufacturing though, mining's much quicker.

Yeah ideally it would show the same information on slots as the fitting screen does and it seems to make sense to have it laid out the same and using the same symbols if that's the case.

I think Neoxx is suggesting that Styx paid him to come out on his side in the thread in question.

Regardless of Scarba and Siddy's "expert" analysis that the image is photoshopped, if you look closely at the jpeg artifacts you can see that it's probably not - check the subtle differences in the blue/grey background across the image and you'll see there's no point at which the pixels don't have a pattern clearly linking them to the ones close to them on either side. Cutting and pasting any part of the image from another source (i.e. changing the time, amount, agent name) would have left a clear cut across the image if you looked closely enough.

Maybe Neoxx could provide a slightly larger sample of the image in question, it'd be much easier to be 100% sure that it wasn't shopped if the image were taller.

Urgh yeah, playing off satellite not ideal for gaming. sad


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for those who're interested, this graph and a player wealth graph can be found here:


That sounds fmailiar to what happened to me when I started running a hevy download in the background. Every now and then the game seemed to get 'stuck' on one spot. Relogging freed me for a while, but it would happen again elsewhere.


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As demonstrated so clearly there by Scarba, thankyou Scarba.


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*Fantastic* post Neoxx, had thought about doing something similar but quailed at the amount of running around required ^^


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Was never in it to come off well, Neoxx.

Most of M2S are good guys but a couple of them need attitude checks. Every thread like this is gonna make M2S look more and more suspect to new recruits. That's not good for business, particularly around launch time. Eventually their leadership will be forced to do what they should have done already and rein these guys in.

Until then they have their own personal fly-in-the-ointment. It's not an ideal way to go about it, I know, but since you can't reason with guys like this I don't see that there's another way.

As I said to Alex, I'm sorry if it bothers you. Maybe you could try talking to the guys in question and see if they'll give you such a reasoned response?


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Yes it's certainly possible that despite the fact Styx tested his setup properly he didn't activate their modules in that order at all during testing but then suddenly decided to swap things around in combat, and I suppose it's equally possible that Siddy didn't jump on that as an excuse once he'd read about the bug. I think everyone will just have to make their own minds up on that one, knowing what they already do about the two of them.


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Am I the one making elementary cockups in pvp? Hmm let me think, err no that was you guys right?

Btw Siddy you should listen to your own advice and

Siddy wrote:

stop feeding the trolls


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Hmm so Neoxx, if you're ever called on to go tank a group of pvp opponents you're just gonna slap some fittings on, say "ah, that'll do" and go to it? No offence, but remind me not to let you tank for me...

Anyone who's remotely serious about pvp in *any* game gets as much testing in as possible with their friends before getting out there. Those who don't - lose to those who do.

Edit: I don't remember you being there so maybe you're unaware, but this was a *planned* op from M2S. Styx appeared to buzz around us for a while before vanishing, then came back a while later in a shield fitted ictus precisely so he could act as "bait" for their poorly executed ambush. Forgetting to check that your shield tank is working properly before popping off to shield tank is a pretty elementary error. These guys are supposed to be "elite" remember?

Google translate says:

Существует кнопку "говорить каналов в игре. В верхнем левом углу экрана. Там вы найдете русский канал. Я надеюсь, что это помогает.


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Hmm well I guess you *could* call this thread "aversion therapy"? Bit of a stretch though ^^