Should make a "deaf mode" for people tho cant hear, or cant hear well.

It should incorporate something like TaohJones suggested, a light panel with indicators of the events that happened.   I would say next to the current Nia/Server time and lag in the bottom bar.

People who dont like the sound effects from market and other unpredictable client events could use this mode.


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Yes, with speed hacks its easy to tell if they are doing it, even if in moderation.

The reason for this is that the server still sends bot data using the calculated speed due to their equipment and extensions, so their movement appears natural and smooth, even though it has to wait between positioning updates (obviously).

When a speed hack is used, the base speed is still sent so the player sees them moving at that speed, but when the hack is applied the client moves faster than the server thinks it should, so it will make the player jump forward each update because the speed sent to the other player cannot make the trip to the next update point, so it skips them forward each time.

Your client only receives the data for each point that the other player has moved to, and tries to fill in the rest of the missing data by using the other players speed.  If you know how this works and how manipulating this would take an effect on the game, then its much easier to spot, even when dealing with lag as well.

oh lol.

That seems to correlate with the random bug I get on occasion when I teleport into a new area and the ground is covered with the explosion texture, so it looks like theres a perfect grid of explosions on the ground everywhere.


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I still wonder if its an issue with the resolution not being fully supported by the game.  Since the UI seems to be adaptive to whatever resolution you have makes me think it wouldnt have issues, but I would still recommend playing the game in windowed mode at a resolution at or below 1920x1080 to see if you still get this problem.

Just because shes your gf, doesnt mean everyone would like staring at her all the time like you would....

Unless youre trying to create the illusion of a reflection of your avatar as he accesses the terminal from Earth-space while docked..... still no.  I'd rather see my own fat ugly face in my monitors natural reflection than the fat ugly face of my avatar in a fake one.

Yeah, the respawn rates, quantities, and ranks of these mechs are horrid, and will most likely only be farmed by newer corporations breaking into medium technology.

You certainly cant do *** with those after the basic research, so I dont see any problem with those being there.


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Gremrod, you would be running at 5760x1080, that is safely assuming those 23's are 1080p.

I have also had no problem with 1080p on 1 screen, and IIRC, the UI top bar only displayed in your center screen, right?

Well, my only troubleshooting attempt would be to run the game in windowed mode at a resolution of 1920x1080 or lower as to simulate the largest of the common computer resolutions or lower.   See if you still get the flickering then and hopefully track down exactly whats causing this.

The Diplomat wrote:

Even if RMT were to never happen - just being able to have 2 accounts is a version of using RealMoney to give you an advantage over those with one account.

It may be possible to develop a game/system where there is no incentive to use real money to get an advantage - but I have no idea how one would go about it.  Especially in an MMO.

What you are suggesting is impossible, and the only deterrant is strict enforcement of policies.  Ill explain my reasoning as simply as I can.

MMO = Competition/progression in a persistant world

Competition/progression = advancement and/or accumulation of wealth.

Acc. of wealth = time

Time = money

People will be willing to pay real money in exchange for the time spent in-game.

Show me an mmo that does not have any incentive to pay extra cash and I'll show you a bad idea.

This thread title should be changed to "Making PvP more worthwhile"

Until we have economic reasons to pvp (resource protection, territory security) where the likely net loss is justified, then pvp will remain a sport for the rich.

When that happens, people are more likely to live in pvp areas, negating the travel time to enter a pvp zone.


Agreed with what?   Neither of our replies supports having an in-game calculator or planner of any sort to hold your hand while you try to count on your fingers and toes.

Just hazarding a guess on this one:   The calculation for each individual module is rounded in such a way that when they are added together to get the number you see on the info screen, its far enough off from what the modules actually use in reactor that you are still under your actual total and the system still allows you to undock.

I would imagine this could potentially happen with many modules being used at once (fully fitted heavy mechs), as well as many extensions changing the reactor/cpu values (lowering costs, raising capabilites) to obscure decimals that the system rounds off for display purposes.

I would guess that you dont actually exceed the reactor limit, but the reactor display is just wrong.


But there is players who playing in fullscreen mode.

F*ck them.

Perpetuum has numerous number of extensions, resources, stats etc. Calculator will be very handy, to do calculation like: "How many EP i need, to add 100 points to reactor"

Thats why we have Perpetuum Planner.  It gives EP count, but obviously cant apply that to your current bot.   If you cant figure out basic percentage calculations (like up to 30% more than what you currently have), then you should probably be doing something other than playing video games.

Who knows, maybe the planner will get some sort of official implementation or support (log into your account for exact extension info and attributes) in the future.  Highly doubt it will actually make it into the game, though.

Sets?  Seths?

I would imagine that entering '12' into the production window should correctly calculate the materials needed, as well as taking efficiency degradation into the equation.

If it doesnt, it should, which could be the biggest reason for a calculator.  Sure, theres other things, but nothing quite as number crunching intensive as production.

Also, I could hardly even think of playing perpetuum in fullscreen mode.  I dont know how I'd survive having to alt+tab all the time to do anything else.

Alexadarius wrote:

One more proposal from me:

6. Calculator. It will be very useful for calculation of resources or stats or whatever numerical operation.

Damn those bootleg copies of Windows that dont come with a calculator!

PvE will almost always be the means to an end for PvP.

Regardless of how you will approach PvE, it nearly always results in some sort of PvP.

-Killing for kernals to research best gear.  Gear made most likely used for pvp, if not by you directly.

-Killing for money/items.  Wanting the rare items not widely available on the market, therefore getting you better profits over other players selling items.

-Killing to beat the hardest npcs in the game.  Seriously, if you strive for this, you dream will be short lived.

As much as people will want better PvE "content", which I'm generalizing into meaning quest like scenarios and dungeon-esque NPC progression, what this game really needs to support it is a much more advanced AI that can utilize every module in the game properly, operate under the same rules the players do (limited accumulator), and be able to work as a group (remote repping, energy transfer, even remote boosting and NEXUS!) so encounters can be much more varied and 'random' as well as making them harder in general requiring more tactics and understanding of your enemy to succeed.

And of course, last but not least:   N-N-N-N-NECRO!!!!!!


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Aw, how cute, he's trying to contribute!

Bunkerkind Anni wrote:

As boring as hell and whenever someone had activated pvp flag near an m2s spy, your Teamspeak turned into something like this:

This is spot on.

you certainly have not tested everything~! u speak alot of weee~

Then I implore you, name something and I'll let you know if I have tested it or not.  And even if not just MYSELF has not experienced every single *** inch of this game, I'm not just talking about myself, but as the group as a whole.

Oh yeah, and I said we, not me.  But whatever, its just a completely different meaning.

ur fresh meat in there

Apparently I'm fresh meat? ...whatever that is supposed to mean.  Its not like we kill our own members just for the lulz.... oh wait.

mermaid crafter guy

Not even sure what this means....  oh wait, overused nickname and the fact one of my characters was a prototyper....  ouch, that hurts.  I'm sorry I cant npc farm for 10 hours every day and never get bored, yet you can hardly stand the thought of mining, like what you did was much more entertaining.

I'm really not sure where you got this animosity of me thats shining through, since we seemed to have parted ways on good terms, knowingly full well where each was going.   Well, from what I heard from the mega alliance I guess I can understand your point of view of any M2S member.


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I would recommend fitting 1 small T4 armor repairer for solo and NPC farming purposes.  You should be able to avoid most damage so you dont need to rep that much, and anything you do need to rep can be done over time with the small repper.  They are also the most efficient, so you get the most bang for your buck.

Medium reppers are for combat repping, for when you need to extend your life immediately, and not for long term preservation.  Again, you seem to be doing things wrong, and next time if you find some problem with your process, try to analyze what exactly it is and try to find some way to improve your situation before just complaining about something being broken.

Diplomaticus wrote:

Personally I noticed that Before the weekend of chaos event, there were fewer and fewer people logged in, so those that share my views seem to be voting with their keyboards and not logging in.

I sure hope you dont mean that the 'chaos weekend' actually improved player activity, because that couldnt be more wrong.   From the looks of it, player activity has been extremely stunted due to this event.

I'm not saying you implied this by your statement, but that it something that came to mind when I read it.  Still, I thought it was an interesting thing to bring up. … h_1024.png

This is what happens when you dont give anyone anything to work for. If you never felt starved for anything, this is probably what the server population would look like all the time.

Yeah, lets give no incentive to go pvp other than killing things!

Then only the richest can afford to pvp, making it that much more amazingly awesome!

No, we need reasons to kill eachother.  Whether it be for territory (and the benefits it contains), resources, trade routes, whatever.  When you have no incentive to fight someone else, it becomes a sport and literally kills any reason to do it for the majority of the player base.

This game is meant to be full pvp.  And by that I mean that everything you do is in some way a competition with another player.  Marketing, mining, kernal farming, territory control, production, etc etc etc..

Also, if you dont have some reason to go out and kill other people (and therefore risk getting killed yourself), the supply and demand goes WAY down because theres not as much lost from people dying in pvp and needing new gear in some way or another.

You guys seem to forget that you do have ways to mine without risking pvp, it just lowers your profitability.  Anyone who thinks that they should have an endless ceiling for reward without any sort of risk introduced should just quit this game now and go play a themepark game.

Btw, if you're worried about pvp when mining, have some sort of protection with you or around you.  Its not that hard to do.  You are only raising the risk and raising the possible reward for not being protected.

PvP is NOT simply having a chance to die by the hand of another player while also being able to kill them.

PvP is competing against your opponent in any way.  Killing miners and preventing them from gaining a certain resource as well as making them lose their bot is a very valuable form of PvP.

Just for the reason we dont really see the need to do this all again.  What else is there for us to do?  Its not like there was something we didnt get to do or test before, so we're basically just waiting for release or some other new feature to look at.

Its the time needed to get back to any decent point that is annoying, and who knows when they plan to go open beta or release, so trying to justify it is very hard to do.

By assuming the reasoning for us most likely not being as active after the wipe, you assume you are right because thats the only reason you can think of.   I'd suggest laying off the pot and maybe you'd think more clearly tongue


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Not to mention the absolute *** the pelistal has for accumulator (at least regen).  Sure, the missiles take no accum, but if you even want to use a shield, your ability to stay stable is quite difficult especially if you want to run multiple hardeners.

As for the defensive bonuses, it does make sense that each faction uses a different form of defense, but in reality shields are just way too difficult to pull off on an offensive build.

I just use the key binds, as even clicking on targets can be troublesome later on when people start moving much faster (compared to the low end drones and light bot NPCs)

1. Click on target (on their model or on the landmark list depending)
2. Hit R to primary, or F to secondary.

Choosing what type of target is super easy this way, but I do agree that the double click function should primary if you have none, and secondary if you already have primary.

Also, I rebind 'unlock' to Q so I can easily unlock a target if I accidentally target the wrong thing, or just need to change targets quickly.   I can also completely clear my target list by pressing Tab-Q multiple times.