Love it here, members all around when i come in every now and then. Always something going on or some higher goal to accomplish.
Not much that i have to say other than:

well after 1 day i am able to produce stuff from that CT, dunno what someone did, but it works. maybe just have to wait a while to be able to use CT?

Seems like i just had bad client, went and reinstalled it and now it's fine. Still, weird.

i was thinking more general, i cannot see any details, might be just my client. If you want you can try it out.

A corporate member made a CT and i cannot make anything off it.
[img][/img] … k/Bug2.JPG

If i go on market and search for a specific item that isn't on market in my station i don't get any details for distant markets, even when there's a supply of them in other stations or zones. But if there's a buy order for the item I am looking for, I can see distant market for the item.