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GM Kami wrote:

please consider to switch your farmin spot. search for blue bots. their hitpoints will melt down under your lasers as their lowest resist is thermal.

Not so.  Of all the bots I've scanned, 3rd tier and up all seem to have hardeners for their weakest resist, putting it slightly above their 2nd weakest protection aside from chem.


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So, if everyone starts selling at exorbitant prices, M2S will buy anyway?

Hmm.  I think I should get in on this.


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Sometimes I need to travel long distances, and I really don't want to have to manually guide my bot the whole when when I have the path I want to take memorized.  Instead of just staring at the screen, slightly turning the mouse every now and then for several minutes on end, I could be doing something else, like playing solitaire.

So, it would be cool if I could temporarily add a few waypoints and have my bot travel between them.  Not necessarily save paths permanently, and definitely don't want auto-discovery of shortest path.

The notifications list seems like the most sensible place to put it.


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I have 2 alts.


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They're great for farming, though.


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A "dueling" flag would work.  As an alternative to the PVP flag, the idea is that you don't lose your mech on death as normal - your bot just goes to 1 health, and dueling flag is disabled.  This only works if the person that killed you also is using a dueling flag.  That would prevent abuse on the PVP islands.

Why bother ratting, when you could mine for EP?

Definitely no.


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The counter to this idea is terraforming, natural vegetation, and NPCs (and PCs, depending).  I'm for limited waypoint navigation.


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Yes, but some are more equal than others.


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Are you suggesting that the defeated player keep his bot?  If not, 100k is nothing compared to the several million that a well-outfitted assault bot is worth, or the six figures a well equipped heavy is worth.

I don't understand why slots must meet or exceed previous leader.  I can understand it needing to meet or exceed current member count, but that's it.  Why is it necessary that any new CEO must have greater than or equal investment in membership slots as previous CEO?

It's supposed to walk away from the camera.


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If it's alpha, then there would be no PVP, sure.  So, it would mean whoever has the best indy players mining it the most.  Again, biggest, most powerful corp wins again.

Neoxx wrote:

Trying to prevent penny war spamming?

By disallowing people from canceling their orders within the first 10 minutes?  I don't see how that could be an effective method, unless you think people are checking their orders every 5 minutes to see if someone outbid them, and that there's a market somewhere with such crazy competition that it would be necessary to make money.


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Faxeir, I think the issue is the high barrier to entry.  The only players able to do this to any reasonable degree would be the players in already powerful corps.

If you make something rare, it will tend to be isolated.  More isolated, means easier for a group to monopolize and protect, because there's only one thing to concentrate on.  This leads to more or less, whoever is biggest gets it.  This leads to only one group in control - whoever is the most powerful.  Due to the rarity and usefulness of this item, the group would necessarily become even more powerful.  Thus, the rich getting richer, as Neoxx pointed out.

If something is well distributed, it's extremely difficult to monopolize, because there's just too much to cover at once.  This reduces barrier to entry and allows for more strategy in acquiring and protecting resources.

If this ability is only useful for new players, why would anyone want it?  Temporarily, it's useful, but why not instead advance to something more useful in the long run?

I think it would be better to give a skill like this to indy players, rather than merely new players.  The idea is that indy players would be more knowledgeable generally about salvage, recycle and repair.  It would give PVPers an incentive to bring indy players along.

So for the "artillery" and "sniper" mechs, how exactly would that work with the current module system?  Wouldn't this require special weapons?  Or are you supposing that the same weapons would be used, but by transforming (seems more like you mean "deploying"), they get some kind of huge buff?

The way the sniper could work is just, deploy the mech, then movement is disabled.  Bot then gets a big bonus to optimal and lock range.  Think about it like directing all power and CPU to weapons and targeting.

I like the idea of a large area deployable shield mech, one able to protect mechs under its umbrella.  But how exactly would this work?  Would there be a need for a special shield module for this, or would it just buff a regular shield and turn it into a large area shield?  Given that the radius of coverage is much much bigger, I'd think the power requirements (in accu) would be bigger too.  But how would you do that without making the shield too powerful or too useless?


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Rare minerals in tiny amounts?  That seems a bit silly, given that any material that exists is used to produce something, which is necessary for the production of some item.  Meaning, that "rare mineral in tiny amounts" is absolutely necessary for the production of something.  Meaning that something will be underproduced, if at all.

Why would there be any need for logistic support?  What exactly do you mean by this?

I don't think it's a good idea to get rid of them entirely.  I think they should still be placed near teleporters into the island and around the beta terminals so that you can't be insta-ganked the moment you attempt to enter the island or exit a terminal.

I do, however, agree with the sentiment that one shouldn't be able to do anything useful in the police zones.  That is, there should be no NPCs within shooting distance, no minerals, etc.


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I just found a tree-like think marked Amidopsia on Attalica near ICSA (can't figure out how to determine coordinates).  I've only ever seen one.  This is odd to me, because all of the other plants are in great abundance, but this one is just sitting there by itself, and I've never seen one anywhere else ever.


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Does this happen before or after you lock in what you are set to trade?

  1. Already suggested.  Use search.

  2. Already suggested.  Use search.

  3. I've never had issue with placement, but this wouldn't be bad.

  4. Private storage, upper right hand corner.  No need for anything beyond this.

  5. I don't see the point.  It's better that you choose your targets yourself rather than wait to be targeted.

  6. I like this one.  I'm pretty sure it's already been suggested, though.

  7. Cant' do it due to current hard coded 1km limit for display distance.  The server will not be able to send you data on ANYTHING outside that radius.  This is planned to be changed in the future.

  8. Randomly placing spawns is a bad idea.  I mean, imagine walking along some path devoid of any enemies, thinking you're completely safe, then all of a sudden, a big spawn of enemies drops right on top of you.  Does that sound fair?

  9. This is obviously planned.  Spawns are currently limited due to player population.

  10. I've never had this problem.  If you use the map and know where the spawns are, you can typically avoid them.  If you can't, bring some protection.

  11. AI is incomplete.  Use search.

  12. Meaning unclear.  Button assignment is in options whether you're in the terminal or not.

  13. Already suggested.  Use search.

Maynard Benaui wrote:

Prototypes as necessary component for Reverse Engineering

Prototypes will be possible to build only from NPC loot items.

Right now, T2 and above items can only be manufactured from CTs RE'ed from prototypes.  Bots and standard items do not need prototypes.  So, this is more or less already in place.

However, you then want prototypes to be producible from NPC drops?  Why?  And are you aware that bots and mechs cannot be dropped from NPCs?  Are you also aware that NPCs do not drop above T2 items?

This will completely break the chain of production.  Very very bad idea.


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If a bot can be killed for a data console, they will drop that console when killed whether you have the mission or not.