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Hello Perpetuum Community,

I wanted to let everyone know that I have made the decision to not be a GM once Perpetuum goes live.

The decision was because of RL work.  I will be in game playing and I will continue to help the community with my blog and videos in the future.

With that said.. I want to say thanks the entire Perpetuum DEV Team they are awesome guys. I want to thank them for letting me be a GM!

I want to say thanks to all the beta testers and all the testing you guys have done and all the great feedback.

I will see you guys on the battle field in your bots and mechs!

GM Gremrod, over and out!


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To the OP.

I am not sure if it really is a matter of catching up. These types of game are more based on what can I do with what I have. (sandbox)

I have seen people in stEVE only 6 months old beat people 2 years old at pvp. Boils down to player skills in those cases.

I have also seen people in stEVE with alts that had more skill points then my main... but for some reason they were always broke and complaining about it. You have to be active in the game and make money to support the game play too.

Don't focus on the people that started before you. Rather focus on what tools you have to use and how you can use them best to your in game extensions and player skills.

Sparks are another choice in character creation that affects your attributes.

Edit: Neoxx has it dead on.


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Alexander wrote:

So the maximum is 10.00 standing?

Correct, as far as I know 10.0 is the max.


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Hmm, good one guys. I really didn't think it would be hardware though. I would think he would see this type of issue else too if it was his keyboard etc.


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Awesome! Look forward to any work you do on the planner!


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I have not heard of this one before. You could try deleting the .gbf file in the perpetuum install folder and then run the perpetuum client and it will download it again.

I say this because it could be some corruption in the .gbf file maybe.


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Kazvall wrote:

Do we have any info on other than paypal payment methods?

I have not heard anything on this yet.


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Interesting... 3 degrees of Perpetuum?


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After you do a lot of mining you will start to notice that certain types are found close to one another and certain types are found at the base of mountains.

At least this has been my findings.

But yes I think the scanning for mining brings a nice layer to mining.


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Apply the code to the account now.

The accounts created for beta stay the same. But all characters created on it will be wiped when early access starts.


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Right-click and select create container in private storage. A one time fee of 5k nic for each container you create. You can rename them too. smile

I would like to see the ability to get the right-click context menu on names in chat like we have on the avatars currently.

Sometimes scrolling the list of avatars can be a pain.


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It almost sounds like the % of success and failure have swapped places. Someone has told me they did 40 kernels today 36 failed, 4 were success.

90% failure and 10% success.


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Bee Kiow wrote:

Ah gotcha.  So is it instantaneous?  How do you tell how long it will take to reverse something?

BTW:  Thanks for all your YouTube vids.  I have watched them all.

No reverse engineering is not instantaneous.

Glad the videos are still helpful! smile

Image hosting.. you could use imageshack.


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Bee Kiow wrote:

OK, maybe I am an uber noob. 

I just looked at my private storage and I see a calibration template for the small armour piercing bullets.  SO did my reverse engineering work?

So, what does the 49% mean?

If you have the calibration template then your done. The 49% you at looking at is on the CT correct? If so that is the material / time efficiency of the template.


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Alexander wrote:

I have one for you. We lost two heavy mechs in a fight but ended up driving the enemy away and were left with the loot of around 10 kills.
We ended up with three prototyped items, 5 LWF and around 16k ammo. (If I remember correctly)

30% increase if I did my math correctly.....

4 prototyped items,  6 LWF, 20K ammo.
(0.4 PT item per kill) (0.6 LWF per kill) and (2k ammo per kill) based on the 10 kills.

Of course it doesn't mean that the 30% increase would be just on those items. just useing your post as an example.


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Alexander wrote:

. I wouldn't be surprised if people began vulturing PVP fights because of the 50% drop rate.

When people did this in stEVE they became loot too. smile


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Merrek wrote:

GM Gremrod, that is a tripple post sir. tongue

What sort of figures would you like? Market data? A theory crunch? The change hasn't been in effect for long enough to get any real data, nor is their currently enough PvP for feedback.

I can say that the idea behind the interplay between the market and the battlefield is that combat supplies kernels and decoders and industry supplies replacement mechs and guns. What we just did was decrease the amount that industry can supply to pvpers because pvpers are now much more self sustaining. This change makes it easier for beta island pvp guilds to wall themselves in and stay out of the market completly. In a perfect economy the destruction rate of items would be 100% because the market value and exchange would equil the tactical value of each mech (fluid exchange). However, some incentive should go to the pvpers and a complete loss of items might put TOO much strain on the economy. It requires careful balance but I'm pretty sure upping drops to 50% was a bad move.

Yes, sir that was a triple post. tongue

It would have to be a theory crunch as you call it. because everything is theory right now until proven. The game is not released yet. And like you pointed out the change has not been in long and not much PVP going on right now.

Since the loser during the fight still has 100% loss. The winner now has 50% pick able loot. I want to know how 30% more drop would really affect the market. There is a constant that didn't change here and that is the loser 100% loss.


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Does anyone have figures on PVP drops when it was 20% to be compared now with the 50%?


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Maynard Benaui wrote:

Self-sufficient groups = no market.

Only true if you are going on the basis that every player will be in a group and that every group in the game is self-sufficient.

I don't think all groups will be... And Alex even pointed out that even M2S did some trading with others in game.


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Alexander wrote:

PVP loot does not help the market in ANY way.
If I kill someone I get T4 named items I am not going to be selling them on the market. If anything it means I require the market less and production less.

Maynard has a a few valid points. The production system is not that simple and the more resources you use the less profitable or efficient it is so I feel production works. Don't want to make it too hard as no one will produce. You can make 1 line without any EP spent and that's hardly game breaking as you'll never turn a profit on it.

It's hard to make any group completely self-sufficient. Believe it or not M2S did a lot of private trades which benefited both us and the corporation we traded with. However we've only ever exploited the public market. (Even buying from it has always turned a profit in the end). So yeah. More PVP loot is great for us and the PVPer group but terrible for everyone else. This is not good. I do not support this change.

I am starting to see your and Maynard's point.

But I agree with you Alex that the production system is not simple.

I don't agree you can do production without a specialized character. At least you cannot do it to the agree that an industry speced character can do it.

Yead just checked that feature out in chrome.

But with my above post. I wanted to make sure you knew you can use the TAB button to move through your target computer and then unlock target with U button if you didn't know about it.

You idea goes along with the idea of having the ability to target lock by CTRL + LEFT CLICK on landmarks. CTRL would lock the landmarks display so nothing would move up or down while you hold CTRL.


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Maynard Benaui wrote:
GM Gremrod wrote:

The increase of dropped items could help the market when you think about it.

No, it won't.

Along with Research changes and Recycling, you keep killing the market and promote building everything in-house instead or goods exchange.

Keep it going.

Explain why you think it won't

What research changes promote building in house only?


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Items changing hands in PVP is not a bad thing. The loser still has to buy it again or build it again.

Either way someone will need to replace their stuff.

The increase of dropped items could help the market when you think about it.