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Gloryhole wrote:

ps LoL is the castrated version of DotA.

Its the same, as if i would call perpetuum the castrated version of eve - they are 2 different games. Though i know, that DotA players became pretty frustrated when they realize, that they havent enough skill for L.o.L.

BTT: though eve is not newbie-friendly and rather an economical-simulation, it still can start a simple campaign like "2 months trial!!!!11eleven".

An another game, which is also "dangerous" is Black prophecy - it will be f2p and have better graphics.

Dont get me wrong, i really like this game, and i wish only success to it, but there is a good reason, why more and more games became f2p.


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Hmm, if f2p, i would rather think about 20% bigger inventory or faster mining (5%). This wouldnt make you superior to other players, just more comfortable to play.

Ok, its not a real comparison, but League Of Legends is selling only stuff, you can get normally playing. The only cash-only thing are skins, which gives only optical bonuses.

As long as this game will deal fair with no-cash players and give cash-players enough to pose around, it will get more money then through subscriprion.

You should also think about all the competitors - noone will subscribe for 4-5 games, so you have to drag ppls from other p2p games, and atm is eve better.


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I could bring up some arguments, but its already off-topic.

However, i hope it will be f2p, as the community would be bigger.


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To be honest - no, but as you also asked for examples when 6 of 20 players online were guys on top-equiped mercs, searching for newbies to farm, i dont think that it makes sense to call names.

However, i deinstalled the game, due to the few number of players who had sense for moral and kindness (yeah, you all are ultra-hardcore-pros, you dont need to be kind, only the strongest survive, blah blah), though i really liked this game and enjoyed to play it until i had to go out in zones without turrets.

If this game survived the closed beta and comes into the open one, i will be happy to rejoin.


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This game will never make it as a p2p, as there a too many things a normal player cant handle with - first of all the complete destruction of a mech and ppls who loves it to grieve others destructing their mechs. Well, and not to forgett about GMs and DEVs who are supporting those, as they dont want to loose players, even if they are grieving kiddos...

I mean, cmon, its already a griever-clan...or it has been when i played last time, but as ppls are still complaining about this, i dont think that there were any changes.


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Some kind of DotA Blue Pill would be nice (a kind of teleporter, that must be loaded for some sekonds and abort if somebody attacks you)


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"it was late" lol.

@Bug Fug: Thx for the story^^


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Yeah, but it wouldnt be hard-1337-world style, right?


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PvE Stealth would allow you to be invisible for NPCs. Than you would be able to go afk or log out, even if there are NPCs in nearby (500-600m). Of course a normal player will still be able to see and attack you. You also need 10-15 seks to activate it. If someone attacks you, the process will be canceled.

@Siddy: sorry, but EvE have a better gameplay, better graphics and better mechanics. I dont want to say, that this game is bad, but  you cant compare it with EvE. Go back to WoW? There are no MMOs but eve and perpetuum, where you completely dying when killed. Your snob-appeal isnt as cool as you think, boy.

I can understand the Devs - there are not enough tester, so they tolerate anyone.

The point is, you are doing anything to prove yourself as kings of perpetuum (or whatever you consider to be), and you dont care about the other players. Its ruthless. Maybe im sounding like a naive kiddy who knows nothing about "the real 1337-style", but i dont think that it has anything common with power to gank some noobs.

Noone would have a problem with it, if your mechs would just ressurect or reappear like in a normal MMO, so you just need to start from the base with a belittled ego and maybe some repair-costs.

However, i hope such.....1337 like you will force the DEVs to impprove the PvP-system, otherwise this game won't persist for very long time. 90% of all players will simply leave after they lost their mechs / heavy mechs several times.

Sure, M2S are the best, anyone else is a piece of ***, whatever.

Sure, and murderers just want to show you, that weapons are deadly...sorry, but it sound a bit canting to me...

However, i think, that the best solution would be to make it like in some other games - the container is invisible or untouchable for some minutes and can be looted only by the one, who dealed the most damage to the one who dropped the container. After 2-3 minutes this container can be looted by anyone and after another 1-2 minutes it vanishes.


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Damn, was kinda epic fail...calculated it with first-load. The only solace is, that that was my first one lol

However, it would look better and spare some ammo.

There is also an another aspect - the accumulator regeneration get worser if the energy amount is under 50%, if firing with alpha strike, it kicks you (together with another modules e.g. rapair module) beyond 30-35%. If you would fire just one by one, your regeneration could stay constant.

P.S. i need to apologize, Polaris, you was right ^^
P.P.S. its not EvE anyway tongue


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Sorry, but to compare eve with perpetuum is like compare DotA with LoL. Similar, but not the same.

however, each of you can try it out, just press F1-FX (X = amount of your turrets, the lenght of the time you should wait between the shots is the [cycle time of your weapons] : [amount of your turrets]) and see what happens.


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Sorry Polaris, but you have just 22 hours experience. Sure, im not a pro, but you should try to fight vs more dangerous enemies then light mechs, before saying that such a feature wouldnt be usefull in mech/heavy mech fights.

Idk, even when i started, it was better to farm the normal drones instead of any of the assigments and later it doesnt worth it at all, i mean, why should i hunt like 10 light bots to get 7 kernels and bring them back for 40k, if every second of those bots is dropping 20-100k items???

The only assigment group, which really worth it to complete them are transport-missions (as a friend told to me, he could make 90k in 2-3 minutes with them, which is compareable to farming some bots).

However, Im sure, that there will be more and better missions.


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Edit: wrong calculation^^

And yeah, it would be also usefull in PvE, even if its not a big difference (maybe 5-7%) in ammo usage.

The negative effect is, that you would receive the dmg as first and inflict it just step by step to your opponent. So, as you see, it would have also a tactical aspect and you would need to chose from situation to situation.


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cur·tain fire, Plural: cur·tain fires

example: They lay under heavy curtain fire

Curtain fire is a militaric term and means something like a barrier, which prevents the enemy from charging, gives cover or supress enemy forces.

Cascade assume to be a growing strengh/rate of firing and the term "cascading fire" does not exist at all.

I know, its funny to laugh at ppls who arent speaking your language perfect, but:

1. its already my 3rd language.
2. its off-topic.


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I think it would be great to have a kind of opposite to Alpha Strike. Curtain fire - this means that the weapons are firing one by one with same time segments. Like, if you have 4 turrets and the weapons a cycle time of 10 seconds, you would fire each 2,5 sec with one of your turrets (of course the same turret would fire just once in 10 seks).

It would make the fights more dynamical and would look great^^

You couldnt fire while your travel-form, you would be like a car, so even a known pvper wouldnt dangerous. You would not be able to change the form if something is firing at you, not mech-->"car" aswell as "car"-->mech. If you would drag some fire on you, you will just run through it without receiving major damage.

Its like the new Kidd (knight rider) - all forms are solid, but he cant transform while jumps or under fire, cause it would expose the inner systems.

Shouldnt ppls be able to avoid pvp? Or does it mean, that a corp can completely control passages, so noone can leave the safe zone? I dont think, that this is the way the pvp should work - some strong few who are killing anyone else down to their whim.

@Maynard Benaui: to 6.

Its a quite harmless but funny bug, doublelick on your own name in the chat window opens a private conversation channel with yourself, if you post something, it appears twice lol

I think i found something new about the reload-jam bug. Its my weapons are always jamming when i press reload while they are cooling down (blinking blue-grey icons) but never if they are ready (simply grey icons).

Hope it was helpfull in any way^^

I really didnt thought about the bot-sellers, no mech-loosing = no mech-selling^^

But I think some ppls dont understand what i mean with "select next enemy". I thought, that there should be a feature, which locks the nearest enemy on, who isnt locked atm.

Like, you are running into 3 enemy-bots, press the S.N.E. button and your mech is starting to lock on the nearest one, press this button again and its starting to lock the 2nd nearest enemy one and so on until your list is full or there are no additional enemies.

@Maynard Benaui: How many casual players would farm 2 days the one and the same mob right after logging in??? The mass of them will get bored and go away, and this is a P2P game, so you cant say "ok, then let those noobs go" - those noobs are paying aswell.

About the transform:

1. You will need to transform at the base or teleporter and travel then to the place you are farming. There are nearly always save spots nearby.

2. With a demobilizer. Other question - why should gank someone, who want just go from A to B? He wont be able to transform under fire, so he can harm you either. And if he transforms in a distance and attacks you then, its the same like now. You also cant say, that there would pass the guards and kill newbies of your race, cause there are police towers.

Ahhhh, kk big_smile