One thing, I do not like the idea of lasers using ammo so I think it needs to go the way of Eve and add focusing crystals (there is one buff for lasers).

Two, I exactly agree on how shields and Thel interact with each other is in an undesirable state. You need AP to fire but you need AP so you do not lose HP which can not be replinished without using more AP. AP! AP! AP!

Would allowing people to fire though certain shields with certain weapons even do anything here? You are still using AP to tank and fire weapons, which unless you have a HUGE accumlator, crazy recharge rate, or dedicated bot feeding you AP, it doesnt make sense, strategically.

But in the end, I guess, it is not our game (is it?) and they have the final word. So my vote for lasers and shields would be:

No ammo (single item to effect damage type) for lasers.

Shields allow you to fire through them.

Of course, I am in the minority here so I know it wont happen sad

I think it is realatively respectable and understandable to request this.

That "other" game has little in ways of determining LOS but this game, based off its ground-based gameplay has MANY situations, if not all, where LOS comes in play.

I have noticed, too, when firing from a higher vantage point that sometimes that vantage turns into a hinderance because of shots hitting the ground. This could be a wide range of issues (incorrectly calculated LOS, incorrect/odd anomolies in the what is considered the ground, ect) which all might already been in the works for being fixed. And if not, we now know the development team knows big_smile

I know this really is not a good way to figure out the difference but the bar graphs you see in the ground? They are different sizes, larger = more, smaller = less.

But I think having some numbers or indicators would help a lot also.

They might be adding more functionality to the missions later.

Or you will see mechs with small weapons to take out bots.

Better core and armor than bots but still able to hit bots.

Hello, today one of the developers came online to talk a bit about a tinting/coloring system and we threw a lot of ideas around.

Here is a posting of the proceedings after the developer left, in case any more ideas are needed.

------------------------------------------------CHAT STARTED---------------------------------------

[12:20:21] <Zyllos> you can manufacture one of 3 different kinds of items (common paint, uncommon paint, rare paint) each paint, when used, will allow you to change the rgb between ranges dependent in the type of paint item used

[12:20:54] <Maynard Benaui> No mixing then?

[12:21:05] <Bambi> no mixing if rare colors yes

[12:21:13] <Zyllos> aye

[12:21:14] <Bambi> but this will lower amount of available colors

[12:21:21] <Nefaroth> ooh, i can make my baphomet look like a baphozebra?

[12:21:23] <Bambi> and i dont like that tongue

[12:21:28] <Zyllos> why would it, if you have rgb?

[12:21:31] <Maynard Benaui> That will heavily reduce your color scheme...

[12:21:44] <Bambi> if rgb, then what do you call a rare color?

[12:21:59] <Nefaroth> ok rgb but somehow encrypted, so you'd have to train paintmaking

[12:22:18] <Zyllos> the darker colors (the ones that make mechs and stuff look badass) while the common paints lighter in color

[12:22:31] <Zyllos> common paints = high rgb, rare paints are low rgb

[12:22:41] <Bambi> mmm

[12:22:41] <Zyllos> 255/255/255 = white, common paint

[12:22:45] <Nefaroth> all my mechs will be pink and lavender

[12:22:53] <Bambi> sorry but this is not my idea

[12:22:55] <Nefaroth> to inspire fear in my enemies

[12:23:09] <Bambi> what is kikass in a black mech?

[12:23:19] <Bambi> why is it rare to be black?

[12:23:31] <Bambi> nah really i dont like that

[12:23:32] <Zyllos> I have no idea, but everyone likes black, dark green, ect

[12:23:43] <Nefaroth> darker colors require extra toner

[12:23:51] <Nefaroth> tongue

[12:23:58] <Zyllos> or you could say that lol

[12:24:30] <Maynard Benaui> Zyllos: You still need to mix RGB channels to get colors.

[12:24:38] <Bambi> too bad boyc says it will be impossible to code "color schemes"
[12:24:49] <Bambi> this could be really great

[12:25:01] <Nefaroth> it is a lot of data

[12:25:08] <Nefaroth> even if it's just three variables

[12:25:12] <Bambi> i dont really know if color scheme is the good way to say that ...

[12:25:23] <Nefaroth> three extra variables per bot, per color

[12:25:29] <Nefaroth> that's a bloated table
[12:25:45] <Bambi> by color scheme i mean apply a base empty pattern, then player can fill the blanks with paint

[12:25:53] <Zyllos> seems to me only three variables per bot, per location (they want module, head, body, legs)

[12:26:14] <Zyllos> but filling those locations with paint require an rgb itself right?

[12:26:26] <Maynard Benaui> So then I don't know how you want to do this mixing .

[12:26:54] <Zyllos> how can you do it without mixing (rgb wise, not gameplay wise)

[12:26:55] <Nefaroth> that's four columns if you only allow one color on a location

[12:27:34] <Zyllos> hardcode a preset number of colors in the game?

[12:27:49] <Nefaroth> maybe

[12:27:50] <Bambi> that would be the easiest way

[12:28:02] <Nefaroth> but then you gotta get some guy to sit down and make all those presets

[12:28:02] <Zyllos> that would work completely fine with me too

[12:28:08] <Bambi> not that difficult to code 100 different colors i think

[12:28:22] <Nefaroth> no, but somewhat time consuming on a project that is already probably really pushed for time

[12:28:38] <Zyllos> I mean, what is the difference between 255/255/100 and 255/255/125? so I am fine with that

[12:28:39] <Nefaroth> i'm not saying this is a bad plan, just something we can save for way down the line

[12:28:57] <Nefaroth> heh, some people it means a lot

[12:29:03] <Bambi> there are websites that give free tools to "code" XXX number of colors in rgb from white to black

[12:29:05] <Zyllos> ya true

[12:29:14] <Nefaroth> i got paid based on that kind of crap for a long time

[12:29:24] <Maynard Benaui> Zyllos: To get a yellow color, you need 255 R, 255 G, 0 B. How do you make it with 3 item tints?

[12:29:26] <Nefaroth> now i'm anal and have to adjust people's monitors to be neutral when i use them

[12:30:41] <Zyllos> ok, with the common paint item, it allows for 50 different preset colors that can be chosen from that single common paint, while uncommon would be 35 for the uncommon, and 15 for the rare.

[12:30:57] <Zyllos> colors would be chosen by what/who ever feels they need to be in the categories

[12:30:59] <Maynard Benaui> Zyllos: Ah, preset colors..

[12:31:02] <Nefaroth> rarity=what exactly?

[12:31:03] <Bambi> ok then we go the "need for shift" way ^^

[12:31:10] <Bambi> sorry need for speed tongue

[12:31:12] <Nefaroth> how are we collecting the paint

[12:31:33] <Zyllos> harvest most likely, paints come from paints and minerals

[12:31:33] <Bambi> boyc just said he liked they are researchable

[12:31:45] <Zyllos> paints come from plants*

[12:31:46] <Zyllos> lol

[12:32:02] <Zyllos> hmm

[12:32:07] <Bambi> ya but in an unknown word, you dont know what to use to make a color

[12:32:08] <Nefaroth> say you buy a base

[12:32:13] <Nefaroth> and refine it similar to patents

[12:32:20] <Zyllos> researchable would make it a bit more complicated

[12:32:22] <Nefaroth> spend x nic and time to add x red

[12:32:45] <Nefaroth> at this point, i'm just spitballing ideas without worries of database load

[12:33:22] <Bambi> well that's a quite intersting discussion, but got to leave

[12:33:25] <Zyllos> ya, a 3 item idea would not work for researchable, as it would be too easy

[12:33:30] <Bambi> hope someone will open it on the forums ^^

[12:33:37] <Bambi> babye have fun, and be safe wink

[12:33:40] <Zyllos> cyas

[12:33:56] <Maynard Benaui> My final concept was colors bound to character instead of robot and faction stadings unlocking the color scheme ;-)
[12:34:31] <Zyllos> that might work, you can research "Red Pigment" and this allows you to use all the "red" preset colors in the game?

[12:34:35] <Maynard Benaui> Whater (faction) standings will be ;-)

[12:35:44] <Nefaroth> yeah, or have tiers of presets depending on amount of 'rare' paint used

[12:36:40] <Nefaroth> damn you APB and your elitist beta invites

[12:36:46] <Zyllos> lol

[12:36:52] <Maynard Benaui> I really don't like the idea of 'equipping' colors on bot...
[12:37:09] <Zyllos> well, what do you mean by colors bound to character?

[12:37:34] <Maynard Benaui> Zyllos: You set a color scheme in your Agent profile.

[12:37:39] <Zyllos> its part of the "My Profile" ?

[12:37:54] <Maynard Benaui> Can be.

[12:38:06] <Maynard Benaui> That is just inreface.

[12:38:15] <Nefaroth>  could be tied to racial robot control skill

[12:38:16] <Maynard Benaui> The thing is it will not be an item.

[12:38:20] <Nefaroth> different presets for the races

[12:38:41] <Maynard Benaui> Well, the point is to allow you personal customuzation.

[12:38:54] <Nefaroth> so you have a higher nuimqol robot control, you get access to the more 'prestigious' color schemes

[12:39:14] <Nefaroth> then they could have 5th star NPCs looking especially regal

[12:39:41] <Maynard Benaui> That would be a problem for mixed colours, imo.

[12:40:03] <Maynard Benaui> Training extensions just to use colors is meh...

[12:40:13] <Maynard Benaui> You could just make RGB extensions..

[12:40:44] <Zyllos> ok, so you could research "Red Pigment" then in your "Profile" you could select "Preset colors of red" and then any bot/mech you are in, would add the red color you have chosen

[12:41:07] <Nefaroth> i get the feeling i'm missing out on someone's chat...

[12:41:12] <Maynard Benaui> Zyllos: It can't be an item.

[12:41:18] <Nefaroth> i know who and i know why, i've lost him to the ignore aether

[12:41:18] <Zyllos> no item involved
[12:42:24] <Maynard Benaui> What would be involved in 'Research'?

[12:42:25] <Zyllos> it woudl be all in the interface, create the table of preset colors, then when the interface loads, if player has XXXXX researched, allow XXXXX preset colors to be selected

[12:42:58] <Zyllos> well, I am just throwing the word out there, what is required in researching? I thought its just something you click in an interface?

[12:43:28] <Maynard Benaui> Zyllos: It is getting complicated :-)

[12:43:32] <Zyllos> also, didnt the Devs say they want it researchable?

[12:44:22] <Maynard Benaui> Zyllos: Dunno... From what I get, they just dont want you to get al colors for free.

[12:44:30] <Zyllos> heh ok

[12:44:36] <Maynard Benaui> Some effort should be made.

[12:44:49] <Maynard Benaui> That is how I understand it.

[12:45:08] <Maynard Benaui> That was the reason why BoyC brought 'rare' colors up.

[12:45:38] <Zyllos> so the player must engage in some way to gain colors to be used, but in no way can additional items be added (or only a very few can be)

[12:46:30] <Maynard Benaui> added items?

[12:46:39] <Maynard Benaui> aditional* ?

[12:46:44] <Zyllos> added to the database to make a coloring system work
[12:47:04] <Maynard Benaui> The problem is you most likely can't tight items to character.

[12:47:19] <Maynard Benaui> Well, problem. It is a solution in this case.
[12:47:19] <Zyllos> no "bound to player" ?
[12:47:46] <Maynard Benaui> If it is an item, it can't be 'boubnd' to characters. Like implants in EVE.

[12:47:53] <Zyllos> kk

[12:47:54] <Maynard Benaui> 'bound'*

[12:48:52] <Maynard Benaui> I assume you could find out some clumsy workaround but it is just...well, clumsy.

[12:49:02] <Maynard Benaui> find some workaround*

[12:49:34] <Maynard Benaui> Like interacting with an agent or such..

[12:49:41] <Zyllos> well, the bound item part really isnt an issue if it is consumbed

[12:49:47] <Zyllos> consumed on use*

[12:50:40] <Zyllos> but to have a multitude of colors without items but require players to engage is kinda difficult

[12:51:21] <Maynard Benaui> It does not matter wheter it is consumeable. As it is now, there is no way an item could affect character attributes.

[12:51:34] <Maynard Benaui> attributes = properties

[12:52:32] <Maynard Benaui> And I don't think this can be changed easily.

[12:53:06] <Zyllos> well, there doesnt need to be significant changes (no programmer wants to do that anyways, thats the point of OOP heh)

[12:54:48] <Maynard Benaui> What you could actualy do is... Have fully developed production chain for tints and painting being done via Agent.

[12:55:19] <Zyllos> "done via Agent" entails what?

[12:56:09] <Maynard Benaui> Zyllos: That is a question for coders.

[12:56:54] <Maynard Benaui> But it is the only way how to change character properties.

[12:57:47] <Maynard Benaui> You manufacture the item, bring it to agent and this agent affect your 'RGB' standings for painting.

[12:57:54] <Maynard Benaui> Something like that.
[13:04:19] <Zyllos> ya, I could see that working

---------------------------------------CHAT ENDED-------------------------------------------------

I do not know if this is intended, but the mining laser sound (at least the Syn-tec Mining Laser) when used will end as soon as you move even though the laser itself is still firing (being used).