i would prefer to see some insect style. Some kind of myriapod.

Mining epriton is Sisyphus's work. Without proper industry bots you can't transport it from diggers.
Removing epriton far from terminals is the worst thing devs could ever make. Pointless until time of heavy industrial bots with cargo more then 60 U

i think gms have to make some sticky topics in forum about various interesting themes so we won't get post like this again and again

go for mts
best choice… ever…


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when using cargo lock on container everybody still can open it without any pass.
pass didn't sows up.

upd. thx to GM Dissident my mind was cleared. so another question, how can i block access to anyone? (may be move topic to «discussion forum») 

where is here «voteban» option?


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Lurked from some community forums that people aren't impressed with design of robots.
Only «crab»-style bots and really alike mechs.
May be in future possible to make bots more stylish and different?

Styx wrote:

I'd rather have numbers because in the heat of the fight I want to know the exact time my modules stop cycling.


you ganking AFKers and newbies, what kind of «heat» you talking about? lol

Come on, say it guys.

Make it like stEVE did.

i think about our island as country-side.
cites will be in expansion (i guess).

i am more worried about the state of environment.
This should be world filled with life and trees, lakes and stuff. May be there should be jungles, deserts, swapmlands like in most fantasy games (at least it isn't bad thing that could be taken from them)


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First of all mine glass of wine about farm spots. I hope this was made cause many new players got into the game and in future the density of npc on islands won't be so overwhelming.
Also I noticeв that's almost all spots now have EW-bot spawning, which in my opinion makes really difficult solo farming.

so i noticed that there some industrial bots on some spots which trying to ew you too. So my request make spawnable «bot-squads» of different threat which will have indi bots, ew, assault and etc.
On every island could be made some sort of open pit with a big pool of different resource (and while mining it you also get bonuses for mining amounts).

Each island will have a pool of different resource (big islands or continent would have more of them) and players will go there for a faster mining (when there will be player-made-outpost it would be fun to watch fights for pools)

But also this pits will attract different npc-squads which will dig there too!
So this will be the threat factor for solo/ninja-diggers and also will be targets for players who doesn't like to mine.

After that you can assume that digging won't be popular, so may be it is time to make it more easier and fun.

P.s. Also this «open pits» stuff could be used for building players mining facilities.

Styx wrote:

It would be nice if there was an option to save chassis and cargo scan results for reference later.

request is nice, but not good idea of design

there could be a window or dropdown menu.
also this feature is logic to connect with leadership (only leaders scans will be used for all squad, if any squad member will scan, this won't affect others)

about dropdown menu. Could be a bind for it, so if you have info about target after pressing button «…» near your primary target (or all locked targets?) will appear kind of menu with small windows were could be all modules and cargo stuff.

5-10 min

a week i suppose


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also imho i think that the new interface isn't looking good with in-game graphics. Or better to say old one didn't look so good with it.
it looks grotesque in comparison with new interface.


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May be in near future devs should attend to the problem of lowing interest of game.

Of course after introducing new production system testing priority moved to bug fixing.
But low population of testers will be real problem in the near future (for example it will be problem of stress-tests).

So request is about introducing some of features for new players that will keep their interest for the game (such is interactive guides where players would try some easy missions or even try to control a heavy mech).
In this stage game already should have some factors that will gently force players to play.
Some of these guides could tell about combat, industrial, mining systems.
Making at least one «story» line of missions will be good (or may be devs want to leave it till release?).

For better newbie co-op could make NPC corporations more «active». They could give bounties (or show approximate locations) of «ganker» and force them to co-op against them (but these will request some kind of «alignment system» and will cause other problems). But limit NPC-corps' influence only on newbie islands (so no bounty or viewing locations of «wanted»).

Without making newbie islands rich with resources and npc bots these (and other) changes will make new players more powerful and will somehow secure them against gankers.

I vote for better cooperation system for this game!

i knew it!
Zoom, i am very disappointed in you hmm

I beg your pardon, who?


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Every ship in EvE has 3 HP pools…



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1. Совершенно согласен. Однако разве они используют не одинаковые bullets для и того и другого типа оружия? Если бы для пулеметов и пушек была разная «начинка» тогда бы сработал такой перевод неплохо.

Все таки они используют «патроны» для описания категории, а снаряды для отдельных типов.
Короче, если будут вводить разные боезапасы для пушек и пулеметов — пригодятся пули и снаряды. Сейчас хз.

3. Хм... Стоит, не все же играют на русском клиенте. Хотя если переводы правильные тогда в произношении разных локаций не толжно быть разногласий у игроков.

4. Тайл как tile? Ппц название, может ща посмотрю как в игре на англ. наз-ся, подумаю

5. Русский язык такой что в технике слэнг получается в нем уж очень спецефический.
Для примера «Масса-рез» или дикое «УМ» («уменьмас» — сокр. от уменьшение массы). Более хорошо звучит «система (комплекс) уменьшения массы» или «комплекс облегчения структуры». Ну в общем звучит веселее и покруче чем «масс-редуктор» однако опять пропасть между рус. и англ. клиентами.
Может совсем уж пойти так — «комплекс облегчения структуры "Mass Reductor"»

6. «Надмозг»? big_smile
Лучше оставить мегакорп. Меньше разницы — лучше.

You pay for subway ticket in the end of trip? Your car consume petrol in the end of the trip?

This isn't something big that should be changed. Price of charges isn't expensive, so it won't be something if bot's modules consume 3-5 charges for cycle without extracting minerals.

Ну вроде в игре не расскрываются тонкости генной инжинерии и теорий Кеппера, ну да ладно.
Главное не только перевод, но адаптация, которая должна быть правильной, а не в ребро, что уже подразумевает нормальное знание английского а не уровня школы.

p.s. Гугл перевод глючит.


if it matter of taste, then this thread is stupid and useless.:(

that is why I recommended to left decision to devs about how GUI looks.
Suggest but do not interferer.

Zoom, you are old and don't think progressive big_smile — who said that CPU should be in head?
For example most humans have it in their butt. Wait…