its not the +10% and this bonus is in the game longbefore the closed beta started.
We simply failed horribly in code committing, and didnt get fixed.

there is hidden bonus, if your hit dispersion is half or less of the target size, you gain bonus damage, however I think i know what is the problem with the mediums vs small targets


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"First of all Efficient Shield Usage should be turn into Optimized shield usage which would"

that is exactly what i changed  it to.

I would double check your storage if I were you. roll


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I could make the mining modules "Primary target only" mods, and you would have to mine with all your miner on the same tile.
There would be crying.

Papa Smurf means Accumulator i think.

Without the range nerf, grophos were capable of 1km+ range, now add that to no LOS.

But as you all know nothing carved in stone. I May nerf further wink


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LatscherX wrote:

And yes, this equation is correct. Alf hates me.

Well... One of the two senteces is true.

Keep the discussion going, EWAR is a difficult topic. I have my opionions as well, some changes will come that is for sure.

Mancs already suggested these types of modules about a 2 months ago. The main reason is that I dont want anymore DPS increase, only in a passive way and only minor increase. But in that active way, those modul should provide more dps increase in exchange of rapid AP usage. Even if it would be unique modul, still would worth like 2 passive damage booster, and in that way you spared a head slot, for some ewar, or even more damage from passive damage booster. With the higher tier modules DPS can go insanely high already, and I dont really like the idea to "oneshot" a player (speaking of hmechs, mechs). Well if you have many players with huge firepower and they all focus on one.  If the  battles last longer, there is more room for tactics and utility modules like remote armor repairers.

If Siddy got friends, and he has the SAME AMOUNT of money that your Gropho cost, than from that money he can fit  ~20 Arbalest. And ~20 Arbalest > 1 any Heavymech smile

Corp/Teammates > Money > EP

These ideas are in plans long ago, but for newer weapon categories.
Plasma, Ioncannon, and EnergyMissiles.


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I changed the artemis because i felt it a little gimped, but now with the  resist it is awesome i think. The Seth will keep its bonuses, it is awesome with shields, and more versatile. Seth can easily armor tank without armor bonuses.
Still the Artemis with Firearms was a good choice with shields.


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awesome yikes

For Open Beta i will rework the starting extensions provided by character creation, because of the continuous balancing and changing the starting extension doesnt give equal worth in EP since a while. For this project i will send you the changes when it comes to live.


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Neoxx wrote:

I heard they may be movng to 1 EP every 10 minutes on release.


To the OP:  Yes there will be full character wipe, a fresh start. And you will get EP while you have active subscrition. The EP rate will stay as it is now.

Because it is fixed already on the dev server tongue


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Styx wrote:
DEV Alf wrote:

Right click, information, check decoder requirment, you got item level.

I see you've never had to sort 100's of named items in an inventory smile

i have thousands, (i never had problem with it, but maybe because its me big_smile ) but i see the point.
We will see what can we do about that, but I think sooner or later everyone will learn what is the item he or she looking for, will learn the names of the items at least from its category.


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Right click, information, check decoder requirment, you got item level.

I read ingame

WASD safe


Will be fixed in the next patch.


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You misunderstood, you can set each line to 6 and go


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so it will be on c7 as you suggested, and each production line will handled independently, so if you have this extension on lvl5 you will be able to set 6 cycles for all your productions


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here you go complexity 10  cool


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I will talk about it with CRM, sounds right, tho i think lvl7 complexity is too much for it, you wont gain any serius advantage except you dont have to wake early in the morning just to start again. 
A complexity will be around in 3-5 if we can do this. But i promise nothing.

There are 450 mission around the game, yes. And in the end there are missions that pay you around a half million NIC. But i talked with Mancs about to increasing reward, and make the earlier missions more attractive, probably we will change those.

EDIT: as he said, we will rebalance them.