Topic: How to find Minerals?

Okay, I know how to find minerals at all.
I am just courious how you proceed when you want to find a specific oretype and do not want to mine where the missions-spot is. Just scanning every area? Or is there some kind of pattern in it, like Titanium only near Mountains etc?

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That's I know of there's no real pattern to it. some ores cover very large areas, others come up in little bands like a vein.

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Don't think there will be any real easy mode way to do it, I'm guessing this is a major part of the game challenge as far as mining goes.

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One thing I have noticed but could be wrong over all, but it seems that Stermonit comes in snake like viens along the base of mountains. -V

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NOt sure if this will answer you question, but i was struggling to find specific ores without going all over the island. I'm based on (Daoden).

So i grabbed arkhe put a scanner on and put 20 of each type of area based charges then circled the station, But also keeping aways from any NPC bots.

I've actually found every type on the starter island albeit the rarer stuff only been in the 1-2% range.

The like of titan and HDT i found literally less than a few km outside.

And further a field found the others.  Espirton being the furthest out and the hardest to mine and in smallest yeild lol typically.

Buy or use a fast bot with scanner run around in a face clock pattern once you find a spot Bm it and then start the next. even with low % hits using the tile charges can then reveal a small but rich vein.

But i really dont think theres any real pattern and from what i hear all current sites that ores are will be changed come open and live alike.

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i used to run around with my chameleon and doing random universal tile scans here and there

that way i found a deposit with three ores inside. Just for stermonit you have to take into account what Vintnor  wrote - you have to scan close to mountains