Topic: ark he attack! Anyone fancy a game.

OK strange idea come to mind as i get a strange epiphany as usual beer in one hand smoke in the other and had the football/Soccer on in the background which is when this crazy notion starts to bug the crap out of me till i decided to write on and get it off my chest.

Right ok idea being you have 2 teams setup a field put a set of posts up and grab the first arkhe you find.

6 bots on each side consisting of 2 light bots 1x assault  2x Mech and 1x Heavy mech (phat golie(goal keeper)

idea being shoot the arkhe and the poor bot instead of being insta scrap actually moves in the direction relative to the damage dealt heh. 

Goal to pummel that said be poor bot towards a hoop or aka goal line or section of the field and score a point.

Now the fun part is this would be on a time limit of 10 mins 5 mins each way. during that time there will be 2 mins during each half where "annihilation" is permitted and no holes barred complete carnage can beset upon the opposing teams.

Team with most bots still alive after 10mins or most points wins.

Wander how quickly everyone stops picking on the arkhe. hehe

Anyway back to reality.

Re: ark he attack! Anyone fancy a game.

Sounds like something for that 'virtual combat simulator' thingy... sounds like great fun, though!!

Re: ark he attack! Anyone fancy a game.

A new form of Blood Bowl.  tongue