Topic: Landmark info window freezes

The buttons don't highlight when hoovering the mouse over them, and nothing happens when I click them. This only happens on one client, and it appears to only happen when I'm running two clients simultaniously. I can still move the window around by clicking and draging, and I can minimize it etc.

When I close window and reopen it works again until I click something else and click a button. After that, it appears to freeze again. I can still target using double click. If I close it and open it, I can manage to target a few things before it stops working again.

If I close/open it without targeting anything, it appears to work until I use one of the buttons again.

I've not tried overwriting all the files in the folder for the client affected (I have two folders with perpetuum on my computer for dual boxing), but I'll try that later to see if it's just a corrupted file.

Re: Landmark info window freezes

Overwriting all the game files appears to have solved the problem.