Topic: AFK teleportation bug.

Several others experienced this bug today also, I went afk from the pc for about 45min while my bot was outside station, I came back to the pc and to my surprise, I was docked in the station. I tried opening the item hanger, undocking, and equipment window. All of them returned the same error message. "You have to be docked to do this." I was confused, so I relogged my account and was now back outside where I had left my bot in the first place.

A very strange bug, and seems everyone going afk outside long term experiences it.


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Re: AFK teleportation bug.

Exactly the same issue occured for me at allmost exactly the same point, my wife had stolen the pc for some facbook stuff, while i was waiting i saw my bot suddenly dock although i am a good 800m from terminal.  I had not touched the bot for around 15 mins,  tried some actions in the termainl and was told i needed to be docked, reloged and was back where i expected to be in my mining spot.

Re: AFK teleportation bug.

This is probably caused by the not complete afk mechanic feature. After 30 minutes of idling the zone server disconnects you which is not handled properly yet (you should get to the character select or the login screen).
You'll also get a few minutes of heads up that if you don't do anything you'll be disconnected.