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Now that suppression is no longer 100% chance, we need an extension to make it work more of the time. Or better yet add it to an existing extension.

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I like this change.  Chance is still better than ECM, but allows for ECCM defense.

Nothing improves this chance at all?  Odd.

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Neoxx wrote:

I like this change.  Chance is still better than ECM.

I disagree. I'm playing a sandbox where my actions should determine what happens, not a dice roll. If I wanted more dice rolls I'd play at an on-line casino.

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Well, I still think there needs to be some other defense against it other than sensor amplifiers, but I guess that is its polar opposite.  It just doesnt seem like a defense because basically everyone uses them anyway, so you're not exactly equiping them expecting the other people to have suppressors, you just do it because they're awesome.

I dont like dice rolls either, but I do like that you have more control over the outcome if you get suppressed.

The biggest issue with chance based suppression is as soon as you fail they will start targeting, then no matter if you get the suppression or not, they will have the lowered locking time.

If they made the mechanic like a progress bar (ala WoW for the visual) and the targeting speed value just affected what % per second you locked, so if someone suppressed you mid lock it would still do something to the locking speed.  Yeah, it needs to be called locking speed and not locking time.

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ECM strenght extensions effect suppresor strength now and Nuimqol ewar bonus to ECM now efects both ecm and supression strength. (chance to hit, not how hard the supression is)

i think my t3 supressor was around 75 hw3 75*1.6  = 120 (180 for nuimqol)

Since 125 is the highest natural, you can expect supression to be 100% before ECCMs come into play at "endgame".

Against a Nuimqol, you are going to need to stack ECCMs to reduce the chance below 100%.

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I am pretty sure that the ECM strength skills effect suppressor is a bug from what I heard. Don't expect it to be around long. Suppressors are pretty much 100% still. You should only use them if you're above 100 Hz.

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the bug is that the extension description didn't get updated in time.
Knowing out of first hand from the guy how forgot to do it.