Re: Shields

Its probably too early to make any blanket statements about anything being too strong right now. What were the biggest fights you all got into?

What is a big deal in 5v5 might not be of any consequence in 20v20

Re: Shields

In a 5vs5 fight shields can be tricky but with either high DPS or energy warfare it's possible (Having to switch targets to whomever isn't shielded or focus a large amount of neuts on the shield user along with DPS)

In a 20v20 fight shields are the same as in a 5vs5 fight. If 20 people primary one target it should pop instantly. Picking the first targets correctly is the hard issue and unless all 19 other people transfer energy to the first person it's unlikely they're last more than two volleys.

Energy networking. Now energy transfer is LOS based it's as easy to do this but it's certainly not hard. If you're all fitting shields and have a maximum of 4 targets you simple lock two friendly each and each fit an energy transfer. If done correctly and using specialised robots in transferring it's almost impossible to take down a shield. The enemy then has to switch targets or waste their time shooting a shielded target. With 0.2 AP/HP the shields near impossible to crack. A transfer of 250 AP is the same as 1,250 raw HP. Natural recharge also keeps the shielded robot from cracking. It's possible to crack the shield but the time it takes means the enemy has the time to take down any of your unshielded robots.

Essentially it comes down to picking the right first target. I've seen 'bluff' targets before where you believe they'll die quickly but instead they are the tank while 15 other guys hit like freight trains. Shields are good and if you're skilled in using them on the right robots they can cause mayhem. A smaller force using shields can win against a larger force without shields.

From this I feel that instead of shields being an alternate to armour they're more powerful in squad based PVP battles. Anyone solo PVPing don't really stand a chance anyway if they step into someone else's territory.

Re: Shields

If i remember correctly - "neuts are useless" wink

neut / drain was nerfed by giving a new extension - after that someone said again, they are useless now.

now someone starts to use shields the only possible way they can be used on combat bots (hell, there have been pages of discussion why the pelistal bots having shield bonus)

Neuts turn into a valid part of equipment. Dont tell me that is a problem for you.
Sensor supressors, LWF and dual sensor-amps have been already "must have", propagated by the same guys that now complain that that neut turned into another necessary equipment of combat.

whats wrong if the battlefield turns into something unpredictable? where you cant say "my high-speed AC kain + supressor intakt kills everything in sight"

and one ecm + two supressor = shield gropho can do nothing but tank.

its the same as that armor tank riveler/symbiont - it needs massive firepower to kill it, and if you put a single AC on it, it even has combat ability... while it tanks.