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I'm on my second day in Perpetuum, so it gives me a great perspective on seeing where I can see where we need documentation/newbie help.

I think the first cloudy issue is Assignments. A comprehensive guide answering important questions about them would be really helpful to all new players. Such as how do you access assignments? What are the benefits or drawbacks of doing assignments?

A guide drawing out general progression strategy for combat pilots (for instance if you're this kind of pilot you should probably focus on X first then X).
*The other two paths of progression could use guides too, I just care less about them tongue

A guide to fitting out your mech, which slots are for what system generally and in the beginning you'll want X there usually.

If you can write one of these I can tell you that there are new players who will eat them up!

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While I am sure guides will be made for these things the easiest thing to do it surf the market and look what everything does. Look at your robots description bonuses to see what it's designed to do then compliment these with additional equipment. You'll quickly learn what needs armour repairers, shields and which weapons to fit.

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(for instance if you're this kind of pilot you should probably focus on X first then X).

I wouldnt want anything like this in game.  This is a sandbox.  It should give you information on how to access everything in the game, but let you decide where to go with it.

Tell you where the assignment button is and what doing assignments gets you, but let you make the decision of what assignments to do and why you do it.

The same goes for fittings.  It should give you information on how to see your robots benefits and fittings, but leave it completely up to you what to put on it, without trying to suggest you make a certain build.

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Also, a lot of things you seem to be looking for are already available on the forum.  I'm not going to link them... but a 20min session of browsing through the guides and also the general chat threads should yield a majority of the information you're looking for.

You could always compile what you deem relevant as a new player and then post what you still haven't found...making for a good idea of what is and what isn't available to new players.

--Agree with Neoxx that we don't need a 'go here and do this' type of direction in a sandbox game.

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The five-step process for Perpetuum (after you're done with the tutorial assignments):

  • 1. Log in

  • 2. Reload ammo, grab assignments (if wanted)

  • 3. Deploy

  • 4. (insert general mayhem and/or flower picking here)

  • 5. Profit

Love me some sandbox!

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The available info atm is more than we need, let us discover, imho.

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