Topic: Miner/Harvester/Researcher looking for corporation

No corporation can function without dedicated moneymakers, and not all moneymakers need be market junkies. I enjoy sliding into my big mech, parking my butt in an area and gobbling up goodies to then haul back to base - with the welcoming cheers and trumpets of fellow employees smile

Re: Miner/Harvester/Researcher looking for corporation

If you can deal with supplying a merciless group of PvPers with their tools to terrorize the server, and being a constant target if you ever want to go to Beta for mining, M2S is always looking for new members in every area of the game.

Re: Miner/Harvester/Researcher looking for corporation

Think you could spare a man or two to guard me while I bring in a haul?
And are you also willing to give me kernals so I can be "research and construction" as well as "Miner and harvester?"

I want to make things. I don't care that you get them blown up afterwords!

Re: Miner/Harvester/Researcher looking for corporation

Research would not be done by you at the beginning of the game.  Maybe once a sufficient knowledge base is reached within the upper ranks of the corp then they might start handing down some for supplemental/redundant research if they are not more useful in other ways.

You would certainly be useful for production and mining.  If not for higher tier items, but pumping out standards and things to pull your weight in the production chain perhaps.

Also, let me say that we cover each others asses and are highly organized.  Hope that answers your questions.