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Hello all,

I am a new player who is catching all very fast to this game. I am looking for a Corp to join . Are you the Corp for me?  I am looking for mostly Pvp, as i love to engage in combat, with some industry mixed in for my down times.

I am 32 , and in the USA. have a mic and have 16+ years of MMO experience.
if you think i am a right fit for your Corp, send me a mail in game or on forums here.


Re: Player Looking for Corp

16y+ mmo?

Did you mmo pong?

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Actually, I believe he isn't far off. MUDs (Earliest form of an MMO) should have been around then. Ultima Online came around in 97, so that was almost 14 years ago. Depends if you consider a MUD a MMO.

Re: Player Looking for Corp

its not really massive :X