Topic: UK Gamer looking for PvP Corp

Hi Guys,

Cannot get over the fact that I never heard of this game - it really is awsome.

Missed the EVE Boat when it launched so very keen to get in with an established Corp early on and hopefully be part of the epic politics from the start.

Mature gamer (35, married with kids) play most evening and a quick learner. I expect probably s slow start to the game due to the lack of marketing but intend to stay and watch it grow.

Played most MMO's on the Marlek and haven't had such fun with a game for a long while. I only found it yesterday and have not been able to stop thinking about it, which to me tells me this is going to be a great game.

Happy to get on vent, TS,corp website and be active. Will be looking to enjoy all aspects of the game, may even buy a second account so I can have an industrial character and one purley for combat.

Let me know if yor a good fit for me.



Re: UK Gamer looking for PvP Corp

There are only a few real pvp dedicated corps around. The largest and most well established EU/US pvp corp is ours "M2S". There are a handful of smaller ones popping up as well.

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