Topic: Pew Pew or Crafter for a Soloist?

Which career path do you think would get more mileage and be more of a "Force" in-game for a solo player?

I do understand that Perpetuum is a corp heavy game. So is Eve, and I play(ed) it solo for years. I have nothing against Corps, but my playtime is sporatic and limited. And as such, I don't make a very good foot soldier.


Re: Pew Pew or Crafter for a Soloist?

I think either route will be fraught with difficulty for a solo player. However, if you don't set your sights too high, why not a bit of both? Since there is no EP cap, doing whatever the *** you want is actually an option.

Re: Pew Pew or Crafter for a Soloist?

Do you like killing or endlessly looking at boring stuff? I wouldn't split your EP early, get good at one thing for the first couple months. This is a game of specialists. Hybrids are bad at everything for the first year, unless your doing two things that share a lot of skills.

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Re: Pew Pew or Crafter for a Soloist?

I would say industry/market is the most solo friendly venture. (At least compared to the other options.) The new system makes it so any Joe-blow can get into it rather quickly. And with the new npc A.I. you really need a group to do ratting "properly" now.

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Re: Pew Pew or Crafter for a Soloist?

I have been playing a hybrid character.

The PVE combat is challenging, but you can make ends meet.  It's fun, as well.

I haven't had any trouble selling manufactured goods in beta so far, or turning a profit.

So, do whatever floats your boat.