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I, like many other people, sit behind a firewall.
Mine's a bit overkill but thems the way it is.
I'm very aware that port numbers may change as patches happen etc so I'll keep this as uptodate as I play the game.

Currently I have the following ports open and everything runs ok.

Re: Firewalls and port numbers

The game use the following network settings to run :

TCP/17700 and TCP/18800:18810

to servers :

Re: Firewalls and port numbers

whats the system service name of perpetuum because my Security Program requires it so i been trying to figure it out to open ports on my firewall to see if my ping from 300~400 will decrease but havn't any luck and i tried looking at the "end task program" no luck and apart from that im using McAfee interenet Security,
Also on the side i have a question:

Would opening that port allow other people then perpetuum in?

At one time my friend openned a port in another game and someone managed to upload viruses to him, and person who did even told him.

So i just wanna dbl check ^^

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Re: Firewalls and port numbers

Not a service, it's the perpetum.exe and standard network services.

By default Firewalls register exe one time and checked for any change, so if the game is updated you have a warning.
Some Firewall allow the registration of the path and name to avoid this, look at your documentation.

If you are on Vista or 7, the game is not signed and needs admin rights so, Windows warn you about it and ask for confirmation every time you launch it.

Ports have to be open on the outgoing direction not the incoming !
If you had servers IP you realy lower the risk, BUT in case of ip modification you have to reconfigure the rules.