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Hello! After a few days of play, I have come with the following list of ideas for missing features, improvements and bug that needs to be repaired:

1.The market should have these additional features:
    - transaction log for own adverts (when someone sells you something it gets shown under the transactions log).This is mandatory for an effective trading environment.It might be doable now to manage 10 adverts, but it will be hell to do so with a large player market and many orders;this does not imply any modification to the way that adverts placing is done, should just figure somewhere in the transaction log (like a different colour line in the log that states what you bought)
    - transaction logs should be more detailed as to include the exact price and quantity
    - as something to consider, the other's involved party name could be listed in the transaction log, so you may contact the party for further interaction.This could stimulate player interaction.
    - the own adverts, available prices and so on should update more consistently, maybe on a event that is signaled(e.g. own adverts changed, transaction taking place, etc)
    - the search for an item within market does not really work, it just shows results in the selected subcategories, while you cannot select all market categories
    - the graphs for average transaction rates are useless as of right now;they should be updated to include dates and transaction prices;some intermediary values seeded on the horizontal lines would be helpful too
    - the market should be made available while outside of a terminal too;this would be very useful to check for things while hunting or doing whatever everybody does out there, while I can't think of a reason to not be available.

2.Player trades should be able to happen outside of a terminal;I cannot see a reason why this should not be possible.

3.Field containers should have a way longer timer, in the frame of hours.The only possible reason I can think of that the current timer is of just 10 minutes is because this was the easiest way to prevent a way too large of 'ghost' containers remaining out there.
My proposed solution to this is to restrict each player to a certain number of 'launched' containers (that could easily be just 1), putting in a timer for launching a container and putting in the ability to destroy a launched container.While these may look like many features, I think that, technically, this should not have many implications.

4.A neat feature would be to be able to drag an item to the chat and have it linked to the proper item type.As an extension to this, maybe sell/buy adverts could be linked.The latter seems less important, but could proved interesting if the market will be a vivid one.

5.The UI buttons that are available both in and outside of terminals should be redesigned to match the same position for same buttons (for example the assignments button is placed differently when in/outside)

6.While I found the training missions to be rewarding enough to complete them, the following assignments are of no real appeal to me and from what I have talked to other players they scale even worse.I think the rewards should be tempered with to more appealing values.

7.While there are a few raw and refined resource types, I find it inappropriate that you can find all of them in the starter areas.Either more resource types should be seeded in the game (this looks like too much overhaul right now, as many recipes would also need to be rethought), or some of the resources should be move further out there, where access is not that easy.An easy short term approach for this would probably be to seed new raw resources to the harder accessible areas that are more rewarding, but are refinable to the same commodities already existant in the game.

8.While we are at resources, I think each area should have a range of resources that can spawn there.I found it easy as a noob to just go out there, target and mine what I was 90% sure was there to be mined, but not sure if this is the right way.Maybe each tile in an area should have a different change to spawn a certain raw resource.

9.In order to make the game more enjoyable and show just a bit more of what the game has to offer to the new player, I think every new agent should get a small headstart by starting with a bit more EP (maybe 5k or so) and have a short term boost to EP gain (maybe for a week).All the suggested numbers might not be the best, but I think the general idea is alright.

10.Modules should be able to be fit with charges dragged from inventory to them.Maybe there is something I am missing, but this is a needed feature.For example, I had some miner charges remaining in my cargo, but not enough to fit all miners.Ideally, I would just split the whole stack into even numbers and drag a stack to each module, so that I can use all of my available modules.Not having this feature, I just reloaded fully the ones I could and so some of the modules were unusable.

11.Someone asked in general chat how you could know if the area you are in was a protected area and the question remained unanswered.Is there a way to tell that? If not, there should be.

I usually do not take the time to write such lengthy posts, but having the downtime was an incentive.
Any comments on the suggestions are appreciated, but please make sure you understand what I meant and comment in a productive way.Thanks!

Re: A few thoughts

12. Repair costs are way too high for current item prices.The formula needs to be redone.

13.As a feature I'd like to see the ability to do inter terminals trades.This could happen for a fee (in NIC) and a delivery time (or not, if it's too hard to be implemented for now).Also, this could apply for remote station buy/sell adverts, that would incur an additional tax.

14.When you examine the info for a mech it would be nice to see what kind of weapons fit into those slots (small, medium etc) as you cannot tell for sure right now till you purchase one. Also, it should state total number of weapon slots, so you can see how many weapon slots are shared among different weapon types.

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Re: A few thoughts

1. Yes. market needs a boost with data/information and layout.

2. Could work but might have coding issue. Not impossible though.

3. Lots of container ideas from longer times, destroyable, hackable and limited via extensions. Anything would be nice. As long as it made sense. Longer times would need to have them damageable. Limited via extensions would allow for increased time which would allow for damage. It's all pretty much not making them too Over Powered while still useful.

4. Chat is based on IRC. Not sure how expandable it is but Chat needs an overhaul. Linked named, items and tabbed scrolling for chat.

5. Would mean the UI would have gaps but it's a nice idea for an optional setting. Yes.

6. Assignment overhaul needed.. NEEDED.

7. I love you.. 'nough side. (Minerals need to be moved further away, the more needed one seeded closest to the terminal.

8. Too much need for geoscanning would make mining to much of a pain. Newbies need the option to just keep bumbling around while high level operations need regular scans. It makes it fair and scales nicely.

9. The Golden EP amount is a well talked about concept. Once you have everything to level 5 you can do everything but not greatly well with a few exceptions. Starting characters either need more EP already spent or more in a pool. Giving a starting boost to the rate will just make the game feel like it's slowing down. If someone spend EP without checking what they're doing it's their own fault. They'll get another chance the next day.

10. Load all equally as an option. Reload [AMOUNT] where you enter the amount needed.

11. Robot status. Blue lights = protection. Orange lights = No protection. Radar as a protection filter. Could be made more obvious.

12. Repair is a well talked about issue. Costs are high but extensions and level 3 facilities will change all that.

13. Sequers. Contract systems. Anything but an automated system is what the game needs.

14. Information windows do not reflect the fittings window. It's very annoying and could be handled better. Each slot should have a unique entry with a key E.g Slot 1: T,I,M,O. (Rename Misc. to Other)

Overall some very nice ideas and some good questions. Awesome start and these are just my ideas for your ideas. It doesn't make them right but look at all sides before just trolling them. wink

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Great stuff guys. I have nothing to say but AWESOME!

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Re: A few thoughts

Nice ideas.

I would add an ingame calculator and the corporation tab have more info and a listing of corps with possibly an apply function.

Theres quite a few features that I found missing but those are all I recall atm.

With regards to the ep I found theres a progression gap between becoming useful in a light robot and getting to the point of piloting an assault. This has more to do with the rewards scaling and what you are able to farm at that lvl for cost efficiency.

I think assignments with perhaps some basic skill rewards can help with that. Allowing new players to spend their starting ep better and actually focus an area or diversify more (for ppl who want to try out a bit of everything at the start.) As it is now I feel there are soo many essential skills you need to spend ep on initially that it doesn't feel like your customising the char much and progressing past farming drones endlessly.

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Re: A few thoughts

Nice ideas,

I would like to add: player created assignments.
* Your corporate is too small or too busy to protect your miner, why not hire a freelancer?
* Your coporate is in dire needs for more ore but all known areas are exhausted or to dangerous for you own people, why not hire a freelancer...
* ... I can imagine all kind of player created assignments...
Wouldn't it be funny if you could place a bounty assignment on a certain player :-)

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Re: A few thoughts

Thanks for the feedback guys.There are probably a lot more things to ask for and discuss, but I think this is quite a bunch for the devs already if they are willing to look into them.
Also, if any of them wanna send me a chat invite or message, I can try to help with issues they think could arise.I got a bit of experience in programming, so I think I can understand whatever issues they think could come up with the suggestions.
Looking forward to a better game!