Topic: Outcasts (OC) is recruiting.

Outcasts are a well established core of players that have been together for a number of years in varying games, some of these date back almost a decade to browser based games such as TDZK in which OC was founded, and more recent games such as PotBS, Global Agenda and Battleswarm amongst many others. We believe in having a laugh whilst dominating our opposition and tend to be PvP orientated, though we are looking for all player types to join. We are experienced gamers and willing to help new players or happy to accept older ones who dont need the basics covered. If you are interested and would like to apply please feel free to contact myself, Gustaph or Techwolff ingame or on the forums.

Aged 16+
Working Mic
Declare any Alts ingame.

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Re: Outcasts (OC) is recruiting.

I'm interested in joining up with you guys. I'm new to the game, and while assistance is appreciated, I don't need my hand held. I'm 22 years old, and can hop on TS2 whenever necessary.

IGN: Grapes

Re: Outcasts (OC) is recruiting.

Are beards required for Outcasts? 'cause i have a beard, so like, I'm in right? tongue

On a more serious note, I like that Outcasts require TS (although I only have Vent atm) and I like that Outcasts are a multi game guild/clan/corp. I'm on EST, but I play a odd hours, depending on my work schedule. I'll contact Ragnek in game.

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All beards are welcome.

I havent been on much today (unusual for me) due to other commitments, but will get on asap and reply.

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Hello there, O-Corp.

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Just popping in again, after being accepted into Outcasts. Only met two of the guys so far, but seem like a great bunch of people. Join us!