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A beginner’s guide to Perpetuum v1.0
Starting out in the world of Nia can be confusing for the best of us. This guide should give you an idea of who to start out and what to do to get yourself moving forward and not have stuck killing drones and mining Solibdit all your life. The guide will be broken down into the main areas of life for anyone exploring Nia. Perpetuum is about teamwork and while you can go it alone, expecting to be able to do everything and still make a profit is a high expectation. Friends benefit other friends.

Getting Started:
The Arkhe, given to all new agents, is a fantastic platform for every beginner. The Syndicate will provide a new Arkhe free of charge if you do suffer any losses but that’s pretty hard to begin with. The first few things you will see once you connect for the first time may be confusing but fear not, it will all make sense. Before running off and making untold fortunes a good place to start is with the tutorial. The tutorial will give you the basics of how to control your robot.

Setting up your UI is a good idea. You need something functional but use whatever you find easiest. An example can be found here. From this point there are three additional tutorials that are recommended, combat, mining and terminal tutorial. First things first enter the terminal and run through the terminal tutorial. This can be found in your Agent Profile (4th button in the top left corner) under the Tutorials tab. Once you have the basics under your belt you are ready to continue.

The first thing you will want to do is to equip your Arkhe with some more firepower. Enter the terminal and open Equip window and remove any miner modules or geoscanners that you may have equipped. Now, if you haven’t already, take everything in your robot cargo (Double click or right click and Open Cargo) and put it into your Private Store. You will notice an item called Syn-Tec Light Autocannon. This is the weapon you will be equipping so equip it, load it with ammo and you are all set.

To help make a little more NIC and to familiarise yourself with the environment I suggest opening the assignments window (While in terminal) and take the Police File #1 training assignment. This will ease you into combat and help you get to grips with what’s going on. This is a good time to set up your UI if you have not yet done so. A good UI layout is important and the UI system in Perpetuum is flexible enough to meet the needs of almost anyone.

After completing the assignment you should have collected a few other items. With any luck you should have two Standard Light Autocannons. (If not keep repeating the training assignments or killing drones until you have what you need.) These new weapons are a good improvement over the Syn-Tec ones so go ahead and fit them. Keep any ammo you may have collected and if you’re running low you can either buy more from the market (600 rounds per gun is good enough to carry at this point) or wait and try to collect more with the ammo you have left. If you’re short on NIC you can sell items you don’t need such as Kernels and fragments (Which are used for Prototyping) or equipment. Equipment is always useful and it is a good idea to keep in mind that items aren’t always bought for the value they are worth.

Once you have two Standard Autocannons equipped it’s time to try something a little harder. Try the Police File #2 assignment. It’ll take a little while to complete but it will send you further from the terminal and it’s a good idea to get to grips with where everything is.
Later on you may find it easier and more effective not to take assignments as moving between assignment locations can take a while. Sometimes killing the respawning NPCs is easier and more efficient.

Once you have managed to complete the Police File #2 assignment you’ll notice you may have gathered a new item you have not seen before. Standard Light HCL Lasers, Standard Light Missile Launchers and Standard Light EM-Guns are the clan based weapons light weapons of the game. The weapon type that drops from the named drone in your area is the weapon type that your clan of robot should be using. Autocannons are a valid option as they require less EP to being dangerous with them but you will miss out of any damage increase given by using certain robots.

So now you have a good start and you should be finding you handle your guns quite well. If you are not finding it easy then keep practicing with the training. You will want 408,000 NIC for your first robot. It is possible you may find one cheaper on the market than the NPC prices so do investigate.

Depending on your starting Mega Corporation your light robot will either be:
•    The Prometheus from the Thelodica clan for Asintec agents.
•    The Yagel from the Nuimqol clan for ICS agents.
•    The Castel from the Pelistal clan for Truhold-Markson agents.

Save up and purchase your first light robots as soon as you can. Their damage capabilities are much improved over the Arkhe and will enable you to fight other light robots with relative ease. Equip them with any equipment you may have looted and train any needed extensions. There are no rules as to where you must spend your EP but there are a few suggests. Read into what each extension does and don’t spend EP unless you know where you want to improve. For instance increasing your CPU could be more expensive than decreasing the weapon usage of CPU. Level 5 is the optimum level for any extension as you get the best benefit for EP cost. From level 6 and onwards a larger multiplier is applied to extension costs.

Now you’re ready and physically prepared for harder NPCs it is a good idea to use the Arkhe as a scout. Find nearby spawns that are low tier light robots and test to see how they are equipped. Eventually you will be able use a chassis scanner to see how the NPC or player is equipped or ask other corporation members as to where the best spawns for your level are but for now the “Poke it with a stick” method works. Speed is a good way to survive most encounters but a lightweight frame will affect your overall armor. If you are able to find enemies that you can attack while keeping out of their locking range then this is the best but not always easiest way to stay alive. Collecting containers can prove difficult but avoid NPCs with demobs or high damage ammo and you will be okay.

Suggested Extensions:

  • Basic Robotics to level 4. (If you want to save just over 24 hours of EP and go for mech units then there is no need to train this past 4)

  • Navigation to level 5. (Many PVP groups will suggest at least level 8)

  • Data processing to level 5, when needed. (More important for missile users)

  • Reactor Expansion to level 5.

  • Accumulator Expansion to level 5. (Not as important for missile users but will allow for more repairing)

  • Energy Management to level 5. (Not as important for missile users but will allow for more repairing)

  • Mechanics to level 5.

  • Complex Mechanics to level 5. (When you have the EP for it and if you feel like more armor without having to fit plates would be a bonus)

  • Armor Repair to level 5.

  • Accelerated Reloading to level 5. (And even higher for missile users)

  • Accelerated Target Locking to level 5.

  • Long Distance Targeting to level 5.

NPC Tiers: (Pelistal/Thelodica/Nuimqol)
Tier 1 = Servant/Rookie/1st Star
Tier 2 = Patrician/Warrior/2nd Star
Tier 3 = Arbiter/Veteran/3rd Star
Tier 4 = Hero/Elite/4th Star
Tier 5 = Overlord/Supreme/ 5th Star

Industry on Nia has many sides so I’ll try and explain the entire chain briefly. It is a good idea to specialise into one area and branch into other when you can. As with everything the green grass is the more dangerous but teamwork and trial-error will teach you a lot.

If the entire industry was a machine mining raw materials would be the oil. Materials will always be needed and always demanded. Mining is time consuming but relatively easy and allows for more casual and hardcore players to profit and help others. To get started making money from mining the best thing to do is start with assignments. They will pay you for simply collecting the ore and will not take it from you once you’re done. Very easy money and the only investment you need to do is get some mining charges (Usually through the market but most corporations will provide their miners with free charges).

Go out in your Arkhe and do each of the Mineral Exploitation assignments. It’s worth taking a syn-geoscanner (Despite the low accuracy) with one tile charge for each assignment you do. This will help you pinpoint the material. If there are no materials at the location then the area has probably been mined clear or you’re using the wrong charge (An easy first mistake). You will have to wait for materials to return or try Geology Assignments as they are sometimes less mined out. If these locations fail you then either the servers very busy or you are scanning incorrectly and using the wrong scanning or mining chargers.

Your aim to get yourself an Argano or a Laird. I’ve only talk about mining so far but there is also harvesting. If you dislike standing still for a long time and waiting it’s worth thinking about harvesting. Plants are needed just as much as minerals and it’s a lot easier to find what you’re looking for with harvesting. The Argano is the mining light robot and the Laird is the harvesting light robot. Using the correct robot will give you both a yield and a cycle time increase. Sometimes you will very much want at the start. (However keep in mind that a lower cycle time means more accumulator use and once you are in a mech or above accumulator balance is very important).

As well as getting NIC, ammo and useful scanning charges it’s worth looking up the price of the raw material you have. Refining, unless at TM-A (Truhold-Markson Alpha Terminal), without high skills in refining is a wasteful process and sometimes it’s more effective to buy the raw materials. For this reason around TM-A (On New Virginia) can be a more profitable place to mine as the market is usually geared buying raw materials and commodities in this area. It does mean that raw materials are in high competition to be mined so if you have too much trouble finding a good location try the other islands.
Getting into your light robots is important but most people will find joining a corporation to be the most important. Some corporations may pay miners corporate prices (Much more stable than the market) for minerals and others might supply you with free robots and equipment in return for a continued supply.

This is less of a path and more of a necessity amount groups. Not every character needs to be able to refine and there is little point sinking lots of EP being able to turn raw materials into commodities if someone else you know can do it for you. It’s instant and there is only one main extension involved. Relationship ratios help a little but there is not much point wasting hours getting to 10% or 20% when you could be doing something more profitable. That said once the market gets hyper competitive having the edge will be the key to success.

This is not to be taken lightly in Perpetuum and it even has two halves. There is making standard items that are rarer that people will pay good prices of NIC for and there is making named and more powerful items that people can on rarely get from NPC killing or have to prototype the first one. The easier and cheaper to get started area of manufacturing is of course the standard item market and if you can sniff out items that are in high demands they are well worth making. As with anything having the right extensions trained is key and using the right location. ICS-A (ICS Alpha Terminal located on Attalica) has a factory level 2 and this will give you a reduced time on all production lines. Transport links are important so if you are buying resources off the market it is worth investing into a Sequer due to their larger cargo holds. To start producing an item you will first need a CT.

A CT (Calibration Template) is created by taking any standard or prototype item and a decoder and reverse engineering them. Both items will be destroyed but a CT will be made. The higher the level decoder the better the CT and the longer it will last. Decoders are be found on the market being sold by other players or collected from NPC kills if you have friends able to supply you. The CT is then installed into a factory line and mineral costs will be calculated and displayed for that line. The more you produce the more damage a CT will become and the more materials it will take. Each item will be less profitable at different percentages but below 50%, even with good extensions, is usually a hard place to make a profit for some items. The more items you produce at once does not affect how much the CT degrades. With extensions trained you can make 11 items at once (For an 11x longer production time) for one CT degrade.

Find out what’s being supplied by players and NPCs. Look for areas where you feel you can make money and always aim for a higher profit margin if the market allows. Low level (Level 1 to 2) decoders are used mainly for charges and ammo so that can be a good place to start. From there research into what is selling and what is needed. Anticipating the market is a good way to make the most profit but it too can be just as risky. An important thing to note is that robots do not need to be prototyped so if there is a robot shortage getting hold of a robot and mass producing from it can help not only your wallet but your corporation and the rest of the server. Domination and control is highly profitable but there is money to be made from just making the odd batch of items.

One of the more expensive areas of industry. Near the beginning of Perpetuum this is heavily needed to make the first robots and first standard non-dropped equipment. Later on prototyping is used to make mass producible named items as they require a prototype to be reversed engineered first (See Manufacturing). Most corporations will have one or two prototype trained characters to keep up with demand. The ability to prototype something comes from researching and consuming kernels. Kernels can only be gathered from NPCs and the amount required to research all tech to tier 4 is extremely high. It is estimated that around 60,000 kernels would be needed to have all technology researched to tier 4 but the number is hugely debatable. Prototyping is usually done to order due to the high costs of each product and the best starting location for it will be ASI-A (Asintec Alpha terminal found on Daoden) as you get a time saving from using a level 2 facility. Again, like Manufacturing, having the ability to transport materials is important and a Sequer is currently the best way to do this.

Created for the Perpetuum Community. Informations reflects current information and personal opinions. This is not the only way to start but I've found it to be a good way. If you have any suggests for the guide please post them here. If you have any issue please don't be afraid to use the Help Channel in-game but please only ask if you're really stuck. There is no harm in trying something yourself.

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