Topic: Searching for a Corp

I've been playing the game for a little over a week quite actively, and I'm looking for a corp to call home now.  Mainly, I do PvE activities (Level 2 assignments, random ratting) but would pvp in the future once I get ewar extensions all sorted out.  Not looking for a huge corp, nor does the corp have to be particularly established.  I have years of experience in Eve doing anything and everything, and wish to do the same thing here in Perpetuum.  If you have an offer, feel free to mail me or strike up a chat when I'm online.  I'm looking to stay in New Virginia, though if the offer is good enough, I'll move.  I pilot Pelistal bots from light to Mechs, including ewar lights and mechs.


Re: Searching for a Corp

If you're looking for PVP now or in the near future, M2S is probably your best bet.

If you're looking for PVE and industry, then Deus Ex Mechanus or EuroCorp Syndicate would be good choices.

If you want more specifics, I think it's best to talk to members of the respective corps in-game.

Re: Searching for a Corp

Too late, thanto. Blacksails arleady joined DXM tongue

In-game mostly Uranos.
CEO of Deus Ex Mechanus [DXM]